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Upcoming School Events

Kids Carnival
May 31, 2014
A World Without Princes (UK)
June 9–19, 2014
First Book Event
Aug. 21, 2014
Pen Pals Tennessee Tour
Sept. 29–Oct. 2, 2014
Boston Book Festival
Oct. 25, 2014

Today's Top Evers & Nevers

1. sophia of sydney, NSW93.3% Good
2. Madeline of Newark, NJ90% Good
3. Zoe of London, England90% Good
4. Kaedee of Phoenix, Arizona90% Good
5. Sparrow-Chan of Lumiose, Kalos90% Good
1. annayz of tolleson, arizona93.3% Evil
2. Kaitlin of Vancouver, B.C83.4% Evil
3. Emma of Reston, Virginia80% Evil
4. Annisa of Bacolod City, Philippines76.7% Evil
5. Sorrina of Vancouver, British Columbia73.4% Evil