The School for Good and Evil 3
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Upcoming School Events

North Texas Teen Festival
Mar. 7, 2015
YA Lit at the 92Y Panel
Mar. 31, 2015
Book 2 Paperback Tour
Apr. 14–23, 2015
ALA Annual Conference
Jun. 25–30, 2015
Comic-Con International
Jul. 9–12, 2015

Today's Top Evers & Nevers

1. Nicole of Tampa, FL100% Good
2. Nicole of Tampa, FL93.3% Good
3. Mae of Plymouth, New Hampshire90% Good
4. Lucy of Novato, Califorina90% Good
5. Bridjet of Iligan, Philippines90% Good
1. Amelie of scottsdale, Arizona100% Evil
2. Sharmei of Cebu, Philippines90% Evil
3. Alice Camille of New York, New York83.4% Evil
4. faye of Summit, Arkansas83.4% Evil
5. yo of ni, nu83.3% Evil