ANNOUNCEMENT: Update on the Website Revamp

30th June 2021

Hello Evs & Nevs,

An update on the upcoming website revamp: we are currently narrowing in on a date for the launch of the new website, which is set to take place in mid-August. Once we have our final date and time, we will inform everyone.

This website will be a totally new and revamped home for SGE and so much more. More details will be coming soon, but visitors can expect a new exciting site that can accommodate our exponentially growing world of stories, future series, and the School for Good & Evil movie.

This will be separate from the current site, which will continue to be accessible for two weeks following the launch. After two weeks, the old website will redirect to the new one.

As user data cannot be transferred between the two sites, all users should back-up their posts—RPs, Fan-Fiction, etc. Visitors to the new website will have the ability to comment on blog-posts, however, the forum feature on the current site will be discontinued.

As we move into this next chapter with the impending release of the movie, we invite users to join the wider discussion on Soman’s social media, linked below, where they may find fellow fans:






We look forward to sharing more updates on the new website in the weeks to come!

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