Bad Weather, Bad Blood, Bad Brilliance

17th May 2015

Hi there, Evs and Nevs!

Today’s a bit of a gloomy day in NYC, which I like a lot, actually.  I’d like it even more if we had a proper storm with torrential rain.  Do you enjoy bad weather?  I don’t want it to be that way all the time, of course, but I definitely love staying in when it’s storming out.

The main downside is that I can’t go outside to read and work, but there’s always a trade-off with these things, isn’t there?  Speaking of, I’m impressed by how much you guys read!  You mentioned some hefty books in the comments for my last entry.  I try to strike a balance, since I’m usually working through several books at the same time.  Do you guys do that?  Or do you prefer to focus on one book at a time, like sensible people?

Also, I’ve discovered that a surprisingly large number of you read this blog during school!  I’m not saying I support not paying attention during class (if that’s what’s happening), but… I totally understand.  For me, visits to the library for research also often involved a sweep of my favorite Harry Potter sites.  This was before schools started blocking stuff on the Internet, so we had free reign to do a LOT of off-task web-surfing.

Anyway, a few brief things for you guys:

– The Meme Contest is closing tomorrow (Monday) at noon.  You still have a bit of time to submit something if you haven’t already!  I’ve been looking over what’s been submitted so far and your entries are so good.  You never fail to make me laugh when it comes to contests like this!

– Tedros Thought Bubble Contest participants, we haven’t forgotten about you.  If you live in the U.S., in June we’ll be sending you your awesome prizes: posters for Book 3!!

– Keep a weather eye out for Soman’s BEA and BookCon schedule.  If you’re in NYC, he’s going to be speaking on panels and signing books and it’s going to be loads of fun.  (I’ll be there too.)

– We sent out the Taylor Swift scrapbook a while ago and I just heard that it finally made it directly into her hands. So exciting! I know you guys worked hard on your amazing art for her, and I’m thrilled she has it now! 😀

And on the subject of Taylor, have you guys seen teasers for the “Bad Blood” video??  They’ve been dark and kind of gritty and very intriguing.  This is the poster featuring the femme fatale herself:

taylor bad blood

It looks like everyone she’s friends with is going to be in it, plus some.  I’m excited — “Bad Blood” is the perfect song for a cinematic music video, and I hope they’ve come up with a huge, dramatic story to go with the song.  Taylor as the tough-as-nails criminal at the head of an all-female mafia, please.

Today I’ve got another SGE website teaser for you.  As you already know, everything we do — from editing the book to restructuring the website — involves a massive team of people.  For EverNever TV, we’re bringing 0n one person in particular that we’d like to introduce to you now.  Meet Ramon:


(I asked him to send a selfie, of which he said: “This was way too hard.”)

He’s a mischievously brilliant Never (quiz-verified), which makes him the perfect person to balance out our strong Ever tendencies.  Working with him has been a blast so far!   He’s going to appear on the show regularly with Soman and me, in addition to helping me with a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff.  We want you to get to know him, so feel free to ask him questions!!  On the show we’ll be doing rounds of Q&A, in which he’ll participate.

That’s all for now — have the loveliest week, and here’s your song of the day:




    I saw the video this morning and it is hands-down one of my favourite music videos of hers.

    She's just so awesome.

    So awesomeeeee

    ouch my computer is so hot

    like temperature hot

    not that kind of hot

    k peace



    i made a " Welcome to New York " T-shirt at a friends party and know i have several of my friends asking me to make them shirts. we've had two thunderstorms in a row ( i missed 1 being in the library ) i love bad weather because it's great for books. sunny weather's good to , give's nice lighting but everyone wants you outside.

    sup, Ramon. * winks *

    can't wait for the new site , gotta go see the Bad Blood video !

    • Sophie4ever - sup!

      -never ever


    • I hate Sophie she just won't take herself for what she is . Tedros was wasting his time on her .

  3. From: LemonLime

    To: JoAnn

    JoAnn, you are going to love the Bad Blood video, it's so cool! I watched it last night on the BillBoard Music Awards! It's just amazing!!!! I'm not going to spoil ANYTHING, but there are no words to describe how awesome it is! Ok, there are a few......awesome, cool, amazing, fantastic, jaw-dropping, majestic, magical...........

    • Me too. I loved Taylor swift's new look in the video. Her name is catastrophe in the video. Its awesome!!!!

  4. To: JoAnn/Never-EverArmy

    From: Ava

    So i dont know if antine mentioned this yet but i had a kinda cool idea for a contest. So when some people did thoses spoofs off of Taylor Swift songs and turned the lyrics into SGE words, I thought it was pretty cool. So I was thinking we could maybe hold a lyic contest to Taylor Swift songs. The rules would be as followed:

    1. it has to do with the SGE series

    2. It should be to the tune of a Taylor Swift songs, but if you don't like her music you can choose someone else.

    3. It should be clever, funny, but have a good meaning at the same time!

    4. Make it really creative and have fun!!

    That's just my idea. Let me know what you guys think! I'd love to hear/read your imput!

  5. I don't love rainy or just-rained days. It makes make hair more frizzy and curly than usual. However, I do love falling asleep to a lightning storm! It usually takes me 30+ minutes to fall asleep, so I entertain myself by counting the seconds between the Lightning and the thunder and convert that to miles.

    Also, Taylor is one of my favorite artists. I like One Direction too, but I Zayn was my favorite. I can't believe he left! I nearly cried when I heard the news.

    That is all I have to say, so "Don't mess with [my] funky flow"!

  6. To: Jo-Ann

    From: Amanda

    Are the prizes only given to people who live in the U.S.?

    To: Ramon (Awesome name!)

    From: Amanda

    Hi! Welcome to the website of fangirls/boys obsessing over how much they love SGE!

    • Thanks Amanda!

      All the Amanda's I've met have been super cool peeps! Ergo you ARE COOL!

      -eVer neVer


  7. I won first place in a contest and it really makes me cry because all the prizes are just for US people. I mean, book posters? I never had one. And will never have one. I'm really sad about this :( But still I'm so excited for Book 3's trailer! And I'm excited to get my hands on The Last Ever After!

  8. To: JoAnn

    From: Scarlett

    I love bad weather! I love the cold and I love watching the rain and lightening! And I love bad weather in general.

    One book at a time please thankyou! I can't read more than one book at a time -.-

    TAYLOR SWIFT RULES! (Just putting it out there XD). Any of u guys heard her song Mean? ITS ONE OF THE BEST FREAKIN SONGS EVA!


    • Yep!

      Someday I'll be living in a big old city and all you're ever gonna be is mean...why you got to be so mean?

  9. OMG! Just saw Taylor's video! It's sooooooooo amazing!


  10. To : All Who Might Possibly Care

    From : Da Me

    Oooh, Ramon! I'll be looking forward to that.....

    • Potato Queen -




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