Bad Weather, Bad Blood, Bad Brilliance

17th May 2015

Hi there, Evs and Nevs!

Today’s a bit of a gloomy day in NYC, which I like a lot, actually.  I’d like it even more if we had a proper storm with torrential rain.  Do you enjoy bad weather?  I don’t want it to be that way all the time, of course, but I definitely love staying in when it’s storming out.

The main downside is that I can’t go outside to read and work, but there’s always a trade-off with these things, isn’t there?  Speaking of, I’m impressed by how much you guys read!  You mentioned some hefty books in the comments for my last entry.  I try to strike a balance, since I’m usually working through several books at the same time.  Do you guys do that?  Or do you prefer to focus on one book at a time, like sensible people?

Also, I’ve discovered that a surprisingly large number of you read this blog during school!  I’m not saying I support not paying attention during class (if that’s what’s happening), but… I totally understand.  For me, visits to the library for research also often involved a sweep of my favorite Harry Potter sites.  This was before schools started blocking stuff on the Internet, so we had free reign to do a LOT of off-task web-surfing.

Anyway, a few brief things for you guys:

– The Meme Contest is closing tomorrow (Monday) at noon.  You still have a bit of time to submit something if you haven’t already!  I’ve been looking over what’s been submitted so far and your entries are so good.  You never fail to make me laugh when it comes to contests like this!

– Tedros Thought Bubble Contest participants, we haven’t forgotten about you.  If you live in the U.S., in June we’ll be sending you your awesome prizes: posters for Book 3!!

– Keep a weather eye out for Soman’s BEA and BookCon schedule.  If you’re in NYC, he’s going to be speaking on panels and signing books and it’s going to be loads of fun.  (I’ll be there too.)

– We sent out the Taylor Swift scrapbook a while ago and I just heard that it finally made it directly into her hands. So exciting! I know you guys worked hard on your amazing art for her, and I’m thrilled she has it now! 😀

And on the subject of Taylor, have you guys seen teasers for the “Bad Blood” video??  They’ve been dark and kind of gritty and very intriguing.  This is the poster featuring the femme fatale herself:

taylor bad blood

It looks like everyone she’s friends with is going to be in it, plus some.  I’m excited — “Bad Blood” is the perfect song for a cinematic music video, and I hope they’ve come up with a huge, dramatic story to go with the song.  Taylor as the tough-as-nails criminal at the head of an all-female mafia, please.

Today I’ve got another SGE website teaser for you.  As you already know, everything we do — from editing the book to restructuring the website — involves a massive team of people.  For EverNever TV, we’re bringing 0n one person in particular that we’d like to introduce to you now.  Meet Ramon:


(I asked him to send a selfie, of which he said: “This was way too hard.”)

He’s a mischievously brilliant Never (quiz-verified), which makes him the perfect person to balance out our strong Ever tendencies.  Working with him has been a blast so far!   He’s going to appear on the show regularly with Soman and me, in addition to helping me with a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff.  We want you to get to know him, so feel free to ask him questions!!  On the show we’ll be doing rounds of Q&A, in which he’ll participate.

That’s all for now — have the loveliest week, and here’s your song of the day:



  1. I LOVE that video. I just saw it literally today. Did you guys recognize Zendaya in it? I didn't know Taylor was friends with Zendaya!! Zendaya ROCKS!!! SO DOES TAYLOR. AND ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE IN THAT VIDEO.

    PS Bad weather as in storms I like

    bad weather as in cold and dreary I hate.

  2. Sometimes I enjoy bad weather but it depends on the day

  3. I saw the first couple of sentences, and I was like WHAT??!?!? Because I do like stormy weather and gloom, however I don't like it all the time. Stop reading my mind :-P :-).

  4. And the Bad Blood music video was awesome! I loved all the effect thingies, but later in the video I'm a bit confused by Taylor's hair color :P

  5. I'm actually not a big fan of rainy days, mainly because I'm not allowed the free reign to play board games or play computer games or do DIY kits and all that stuff. When it rains for me, it's a lot of room cleaning, house cleaning, and math.

  6. To: JoAnn

    From: Vincci

    I love rainy days! In fact, it has been raining in where I live for a week! There's a huge thunderstorm right now. The lightning and thunder haven't stopped for hours, which is great. I've been staying in reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for 3 hours straight as it rained all day!

    Also, I usually read this blog during computer class at school. My teacher never notices, though, and it's totally worth the risk because this blog is awesome!

    To: Ramon

    From: Vincci

    Welcome! Just out of curiosity, what is your favourite book and/or book series?

    • Hey Vincci!

      My favorite books right now are SGE! I've been waiting for book three for YEARS literally. I'm a fan of the HP series obviously and actually picked up Toni Morrison's Paradise - on occasion I've been known to read science books or books about science (secretly in the hopes to make magic potions - sort of).

      -never x an ever x a never


  7. This Ramon person makes me suspicious.

    Not only does he apparently have 'bad brilliance' (like I believe That) but his name reminds me of ramen noodles, which reminds me of soy sauce, which reminds me of a song I made up with my friends about a guy named Derek who eats his hairy lamb with soy sauce, and later in the song Derek becomes a canibal.

    So, I will not be taking any advice or information from you, becuase for all I know your planning to fry Soman's eyeballs.




    • Dude, you realize that Ramon is able to see this.I just ask of you to think about what you just wrote.

    • Willowwind!

      You are wise not to trust a never (I'm guessing you're an ever hence the suspicion). As for the RAMEN I LOVE RAMEN - Mexi-Ramen "Soupless Ramen Shallot Teriyaki Flavor" being my semi favorite - no cannibalism though (that's probably where I become a never on the spectrum).


      ramen aka ramon

    • Hey you could be a bit nicer willow wind!!!!! Maybe he just likes saying that!

  8. From: Seeha

    To: JoAnn

    Bad weather is the best weather <3

    I read a million books at the same time~

    I saw bad blood and it was pretty great! Taylor swift is awesome.

    Welcome Ramon!

    • Hi Seeha!

      Glad to be here!



    • Ramon,I LOVE your plaid shirt!I am looking forward to the movie.I hope it's as good as I visualize it.It better be good .Not trying to put pressure on you or anything.Welcome Ramon !I'm glad you'll be helping out. Just do a good a good job on the animation when the students morgify .I wish you good luck!

    • Thanks lalei!

      I'll do my best!


  9. Omg, Ramon looks like an Asian version of this dude I know at school.


    • Amanda!




  10. Cause baby now we got BAD BLOOD you know it used to be MAD LOVE

    I love that song, I knew one day it 'd be famous whatsoever. But I like the original lyrics better than the one with rapping. I SOOO Glad the scrapbook flew to TS now:)

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