Blow the Cannons: Soman’s Done. Plus Cele-Funerals, JoAnn’s Website Teases, Trailer Slivers, Pre-Signed Book 3’s, and a Whole Lot More!

5th May 2015

Hey Evs and Nevs,

I’m alive. And more importantly…



That was the pic JoAnn took of me when I finished. It’s our half celebration / half funeral. Because when I was done, I thought I died.

I don’t know how I’m done, but I’m done. I finished it on Friday in this mix of euphoria and funereal tears, and spent the next 72 hours in a fog, polishing and copy-editing. Today is the first day I don’t have any actual copy-editing work to do, but I’ve still been reviewing the manuscript, tweaking things here and there in preparations for proofs. I don’t think I’m quite ready to let go emotionally yet.

Truth is, I left everything on the page in this book. I call it the Blood-on-the-Dance-Floor book, because it’s just all there for you on the page. Nothing left behind. Every stone turned, every wrinkle smoothed, and just a whole lot of emotion. As I was reading it the last time, I could hear some of the screams a few of you will have at certain points. Warn your parents: There will be screams.

I really gave everything on this book, because let’s be honest. The last books in a series are usually pretty bad. Anybody have any theories as to why they’re bad?? My hunch is just that the author is usually tired and can’t muster the energy to really do all the work that’s needed to make it answer all the questions it needs to. So they cheat and it ends up feeling anemic. Kind of like a quail instead of a chicken. Or a bush instead of a tree.

So I was determined not to let that happen to me.

Are you ready for the page count?



672 pages.

You might want to take a U-Haul to pick up your book! It’s huge! But needless to say, I think this is a good thing and I’m hoping so do you.

I really enjoyed writing this one, as hard as it was. I think I learned a lot about myself, and I was lucky enough to have Toni, my one-of-a-kind editor, really pushing me to get the max out of the story that was there. It’s just a deep plunge into the world of SGE, and towards the end, I wondered if I’d ever actually resurface.

But here I am, in boxers and a tank top as promised, lying on my stomach on my carpet, as promised, having woken up from a nap, as promised, and will likely go from taking said nap to writing this blog to taking another nap.

A few more days of lounging around and then I’ll actually try to do something constructive with my life. And don’t worry… there are things planned.

First things first, if you haven’t read JoAnn’s blog from Sunday, it’s a must read!!! She gives you screenshots as to what the new website will look like, gives you a peek at EverNever TV, and she’ll continue to be your exclusive guide to the brand new world of SGE, coming online in June. So stay tuned to JoAnn’s blog every Sunday, and keep asking her questions.

I’m getting a new cut of the trailer tonight from Michael, which is the best trailer yet! You’ll see it on June 4 or 5th on MTV, but here’s another quick screenshot sliver…

Screen shot 2015-05-05 at 4.43.26 PM

In other news, see these boxes?

photo (55)

They have pages that I’m going to sign exclusively for Book 3, that will be in selected copies of THE LAST EVER AFTER around the United States on July 21st when the book comes out. I won’t be signing many, but here’s the fun part: because you’re on the blog, I’ll tell you where you can find them, so you can snag them before anyone else. Stay tuned for that info soon…

Movie’s chugging along. I’m hearing that it’ll come out end of 2016 or summer 2017, so by fall, we should be in casting… More news soon!!!

I can’t wait to start reading again, now that the book’s done. At the top of my bookshelf is JONATHAN STRANGE & MR. NORRELL, which I’ve already started and is absolutely fantastic. Then I have:

I’LL GIVE YOU THE SUN by Jandy Nelson

TO ALL THE BOYS I LOVED BEFORE by Jenny Han (who is absolutely amazing; we just had dinner the other night at a restaurant called Han Dynasty; the waiter was tickled by the irony when the reservation was made under Jenny’s last name)


I’m hoping to get all four of those done this week (I read quick), and give you a new list next week.

Some of you have been worried that we’ll lose the blogs once we move to the new website, but don’t worry — the blog will just be in a new form, and there’ll be much more interactivity for you to talk to me and JoAnn and each other. The new SGE website will be a step up in every single way.

Now for this week’s contest, I’ve been noticing some amazing memes pop up on Instagram and the Reader Gallery. So I think it’s high time we had a meme contest! This contest will last two weeks — and you just have to come up with your best meme. Here are the rules:

1. You can only enter 3 memes maximum.

2. You can make your meme by hand on paper or by computer. There’s a ton of meme-makers on the Internet, but here’s one:

3. Memes can be funny, serious, sad, or just plain weird. (I’m thinking of whoever made that Caspar Lee meme that involved Dr. Who — something like “WHO WANTS TO BE A PRINCE WHEN YOU CAN BE THE DOCTOR?”) I showed it to every single one of my friends, who declared that reader a ‘genius.’ (Whoever it is, feel free to declare yourself, so we can anoint you Resident Genius.)

4. Upload your meme to the Reader Gallery — and if you have Instagram, you can upload it there too, and tag both #schoolforgoodandevil and #theschoolforgoodandevil so I see it. (I check those tags every day for those of you on Instagram who want me to see your posts.)

5. Entries due by noon on May 18th!

Alright… Now the real countdown begins until you can read Book 3… Because it’s actually done. Which means it’s coming out… which means you’ll read my thoughts… Ahhhh! Scary. Now I actually have to come to terms with Resident Geniuses like all of you reading this one. It’s all so private!

The struggles and joys of being an author.




  1. you finished the book. you. finished. the. book. book 3. you finished book 3. OH MY GOD YOU FINISHED BOOK 3. I AM HYPERVENTILATING.*faints*. Ok I think i'm good. nope. *faints again*. As you can see I have mental problems. I dont know how to feel.i'm conflicted.on 1 hand I get to know what happens. On the other I will be crying for months. i mean seriously do you know how long i cried over harry potter?3 weeks. let alone my favorite book ever.scratch the months thing i will be crying forever.

    #1 never,


    • I feel you. When I found out that this would be a trilogy, I screamed. Both out of shock, and anger.

      Wait. 672 PAGES?!

      (silence for about 10 seconds)


  2. :O Sooooooo many pages. Soman I'm giving you a virtual hug right now. I definitely won't be able to finish it in three days. YES!! :D

  3. Hi Soman,

    I just want to say that I am totally excited to read the third book .It's not easy to be a writer, I know, but your writing brings me live, and happiness. I wouldn't have gone this far in my stories if it wasn't for you . I have been spreading facts and parts of your stories to my friends, and they may have been a little TOO inspired with the book that they actually bought both books. It took them long, as they went all across town to look for them.

    Love, Roselle

  4. To: Everyone (and of course, Soman too!)

    From: Sophie Noctor

    Has anyone here read the first book and is in the middle of the second book? Because if you are, please do take this quiz. I am making this quiz for everyone and most importantly, Mr Soman Chainani! REMINDER: Please, do not give any mean comments about this quiz.....No one likes a bully!

    Beatrix buys a potion that makes her hair grow back. She asks if you want to try it. Do you,

    a) Say "no thank you" in a nice voice.

    b) Grab the potion out of her hand, as you want your hair to superb!

    c) Say "I'm okay with my hair. It suits my personality" in a very kind voice.

    d) Ignore her, walk past and shout "I AM NOT A PRETTY PRINCESS!"

    Dean Sader decides to take the day off all classes. Do you,

    a) Thank her gratefully, but at the same time want to do a few to get your brain growing with knowledge!

    b) Rush past her, get up to your dorm and throw a massive Book Club.

    c) Give her an odd glare and go to the Good Hall to meet Hester and Andil to have a important chat, without any butterflies in your way.

    d) Go to your dorm to grab a few awesome potions and ask a few friends if they want to try them out!

    Prof. Dovey turns up in school the following day, wearing a giant blue puffy dress and bright yellow heels. Dovey looks very happy about her new outfit. Do you,

    a) Tell her she looks absolutely amazing and give her a big smile.

    b) Tell her you wished you looked as pretty as she was and pretend to sulk back to the Good Hall to get attention.

    c) Give her a cheerful wink and pretend her admire her.

    d) Tell her she looks like a fat elf, and give her a disgusted look.

    Pollux makes a friend called Daisy. Daisy is a pink cow and is very happy. Do you,

    a) Tell him "Congratulations!" and give him a big hug.

    b) Tell him "I feel very happy for you, but you should've made friends with a dog".

    c) Say "Oooo laa laa! Looks like you have a little girlfriend over there!" and pat him on the head.

    d) Ignore him and roll your eyes.

    There is a lovely painting on the wall in the Good Hall. Do you,

    a) Say its one of the most beautiful parts of the whole castle.

    b) Say it's pretty but should have a little more detail.

    c) Say it's nice like you don't really mean it.

    d) Pretend it's not there, since you think the painting is awful.


    Mostly a.

    You are Sophie! You are super kind, gentle and pretty! CONGRATS!

    Mostly b.

    You are Dot! You are very loyal and love getting the attention and everyone loves your Book Clubs!


    Mostly c.

    You are Agatha! You always stand up for your friends and you are a VERY loyal girl!


    Mostly d) You are Hester! You are an extremely awesome kid! You are very daring and your demon is pretty cool!


    I hope you enjoyed my quiz. I spent AGES doing it! Let me know who you are soon! Soman, why don't you try it yourself!

    • oooo I took the quiz and got Sophie! (My fav characters cries happily)

      It's a nice quiz! I can tell you worked hard on it. <3

    • I got a tie between two characters. Weird.

      I'm either Sophie or Agatha....

      (What does it mean???)

    • Great quiz, btw!

    • To: Sophie

      From; Lily

      Sophie, that was awesome! I got two Sophie's and three Agatha's. I knew I was meant to be a witch and not like pink!

      Lily :)

    • I got . . . Agatha. Didn't see that coming.

    • I am part Sophie part Hestor

  5. Hi there! Har-Har :v

    -I just wanted to say congratulations for finishing the trilogy & my condolences too because it's sad to see this great story arc coming to an end! Thank you for spending most of your time and energy on writing these books!

    -T^T I also wanted to say . . . "Hats off to you, Storian!" . . . for accomplishing that self-fulfilled prophecy you posted last April 5 on twitter:

    -Start of Tweet-

    If I survive this book, remind me about this tweet.

    If I don't, I warned you.



    -End of Tweet-

    -O.O you called it a "cele-funeral" so I guess you succeeded in doing both of them! Awww Yeah!

    -I just checked the reader gallery and I saw a lot of meme entries that had me smiling from ear-to-ear (and trying very hard not to explode . . . in a library’s research cubicle), It's really amazing how one random picture + one thought-provoking line = one total feels/laugh trip >._< I guess we'll have to wait until June to finally see the pieces all together in the trailer. 1 more month until the trailer and 2 more months until the book!

    Thank you for your time! Har-Har :v

  6. I love how everyone is saying they're going to cry at the end because they're saying good bye forever, but today, I really had to say good bye forever. To a lot of really awesome people. Our school does these things with other schools, one every year, where we all get to go to one of the schools, and we get to see each other. I'm going to miss a lot of them because the only friends I had at one of the schools were guys, and you can't really ask them for contact information.

    So, now, I'm on the verge of tears, which never happens. I have only cried in one movie, ever: Big Hero Six. I have only cried in books when my favorite animal dies. I have never ever wanted to cry like I do now.

    So, yeah, my life. Anyone else going through this?

    • Though I'm not going through this I know how hard it is to say good bye to a friend. Therefore you have my sympathy. There is not much more I can say, but remember, we are united over SGE. So we are always there for you.

    • Hi Z! My school doesn't do the same thing, but I pretty much know exactly what you're talking about. Last year I had the hardest experience where I had to move from the place I lived for 7 years. I've grown up with this large group of classmates, and we've stuck together through so much and know each other so well. We all thought we'd follow each other to our graves, we were so close.

      But as some moved away, and others came, it seemed that my parents had planned to do the first.

      It was heartbreaking, it was terrible, it was tearjerking, it was different. But it was a change. I've learned that if those friends really loved you and cared for you as much as they did when you were there, they still would when you were gone. They'd still take the effort to contact you and love you, no matter where you are.

      So it's a bit of a life lesson, letting the ones you love so much go. It teaches you a few things, it helps you learn others.

      Breathe. You'll be okay, I promise. Maybe you'll see them again, maybe not. You're going to have so many friends and so many memories with so many people, but only a few will stay till the very end. Others will leave, more will join.

      Don't exactly remember them for the feelings they gave you when you or them left, but remember them for the feelings that gave you when they were there. And see if they'll still be there, even after they've left.

  7. I don't want to upset anyone, but it annoys me to see so many people with incorrct grammar and lame begging. I know that I suck at spelling personally, but at least TRY to spell a word with more than 2 syllables correctly.Search it up, there's no shame!

    And I know that everyone wants to be in the movie or win free copies, I get it. Me too! However, don't beg Soman to take 3 flights then a short hike so he can give you a fangirling heart-attack in your small village in the middle of nowhere. If you don't live in the US, I'm sorry, but just deal with it.

    If you are all butthurt about this, get used to it. IT'S THE INTERNET. JUST SAYING.

  8. I feel like I'm one step closer to saying goodbye to the characters already. I've felt this way every time I finish a book. I cried at the end of Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and the Eragon series knowing this is goodbye forever. Now I have to add this series to the list. It might've been better if I never found out there was third book because then I would be with them forever in my own ever going story. I might even cry tonight as a night to remember all these characters. Because reading how you're books are ending is like reopening a wound that will never completely heal; always vulnerable. The reason I like reading so much is because you can always reread. You can't relive moments in life no matter how much you try, and believe me, I've tried.

  9. To: Soman

    From: Kitty



    • Exactly how I felt.

      This series is just like Once Upon A Time, Gravity Falls, and The Brothers' Grimm Fairy Tales all wrapped into one!

      The Last Ever After reaction:

      ..... OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!'s over..........

      (silently cries)

  10. To: Soman

    From: Melissa

    I CAN'T WAIT!!!! It seems like I'll be waiting forever till the last book comes out. It took me 2 days to read the 2nd book i couldn't take my eyes off the book!(My teacher yelled at me for reading heh ^.^) I don't want the series to end! Also one more thing are there auditions? If so can u come to Watchung New Jersey? Please respond. :3

    ~Your Fan Melissa :3

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