Blow the Cannons: Soman’s Done. Plus Cele-Funerals, JoAnn’s Website Teases, Trailer Slivers, Pre-Signed Book 3’s, and a Whole Lot More!

5th May 2015

Hey Evs and Nevs,

I’m alive. And more importantly…



That was the pic JoAnn took of me when I finished. It’s our half celebration / half funeral. Because when I was done, I thought I died.

I don’t know how I’m done, but I’m done. I finished it on Friday in this mix of euphoria and funereal tears, and spent the next 72 hours in a fog, polishing and copy-editing. Today is the first day I don’t have any actual copy-editing work to do, but I’ve still been reviewing the manuscript, tweaking things here and there in preparations for proofs. I don’t think I’m quite ready to let go emotionally yet.

Truth is, I left everything on the page in this book. I call it the Blood-on-the-Dance-Floor book, because it’s just all there for you on the page. Nothing left behind. Every stone turned, every wrinkle smoothed, and just a whole lot of emotion. As I was reading it the last time, I could hear some of the screams a few of you will have at certain points. Warn your parents: There will be screams.

I really gave everything on this book, because let’s be honest. The last books in a series are usually pretty bad. Anybody have any theories as to why they’re bad?? My hunch is just that the author is usually tired and can’t muster the energy to really do all the work that’s needed to make it answer all the questions it needs to. So they cheat and it ends up feeling anemic. Kind of like a quail instead of a chicken. Or a bush instead of a tree.

So I was determined not to let that happen to me.

Are you ready for the page count?



672 pages.

You might want to take a U-Haul to pick up your book! It’s huge! But needless to say, I think this is a good thing and I’m hoping so do you.

I really enjoyed writing this one, as hard as it was. I think I learned a lot about myself, and I was lucky enough to have Toni, my one-of-a-kind editor, really pushing me to get the max out of the story that was there. It’s just a deep plunge into the world of SGE, and towards the end, I wondered if I’d ever actually resurface.

But here I am, in boxers and a tank top as promised, lying on my stomach on my carpet, as promised, having woken up from a nap, as promised, and will likely go from taking said nap to writing this blog to taking another nap.

A few more days of lounging around and then I’ll actually try to do something constructive with my life. And don’t worry… there are things planned.

First things first, if you haven’t read JoAnn’s blog from Sunday, it’s a must read!!! She gives you screenshots as to what the new website will look like, gives you a peek at EverNever TV, and she’ll continue to be your exclusive guide to the brand new world of SGE, coming online in June. So stay tuned to JoAnn’s blog every Sunday, and keep asking her questions.

I’m getting a new cut of the trailer tonight from Michael, which is the best trailer yet! You’ll see it on June 4 or 5th on MTV, but here’s another quick screenshot sliver…

Screen shot 2015-05-05 at 4.43.26 PM

In other news, see these boxes?

photo (55)

They have pages that I’m going to sign exclusively for Book 3, that will be in selected copies of THE LAST EVER AFTER around the United States on July 21st when the book comes out. I won’t be signing many, but here’s the fun part: because you’re on the blog, I’ll tell you where you can find them, so you can snag them before anyone else. Stay tuned for that info soon…

Movie’s chugging along. I’m hearing that it’ll come out end of 2016 or summer 2017, so by fall, we should be in casting… More news soon!!!

I can’t wait to start reading again, now that the book’s done. At the top of my bookshelf is JONATHAN STRANGE & MR. NORRELL, which I’ve already started and is absolutely fantastic. Then I have:

I’LL GIVE YOU THE SUN by Jandy Nelson

TO ALL THE BOYS I LOVED BEFORE by Jenny Han (who is absolutely amazing; we just had dinner the other night at a restaurant called Han Dynasty; the waiter was tickled by the irony when the reservation was made under Jenny’s last name)


I’m hoping to get all four of those done this week (I read quick), and give you a new list next week.

Some of you have been worried that we’ll lose the blogs once we move to the new website, but don’t worry — the blog will just be in a new form, and there’ll be much more interactivity for you to talk to me and JoAnn and each other. The new SGE website will be a step up in every single way.

Now for this week’s contest, I’ve been noticing some amazing memes pop up on Instagram and the Reader Gallery. So I think it’s high time we had a meme contest! This contest will last two weeks — and you just have to come up with your best meme. Here are the rules:

1. You can only enter 3 memes maximum.

2. You can make your meme by hand on paper or by computer. There’s a ton of meme-makers on the Internet, but here’s one:

3. Memes can be funny, serious, sad, or just plain weird. (I’m thinking of whoever made that Caspar Lee meme that involved Dr. Who — something like “WHO WANTS TO BE A PRINCE WHEN YOU CAN BE THE DOCTOR?”) I showed it to every single one of my friends, who declared that reader a ‘genius.’ (Whoever it is, feel free to declare yourself, so we can anoint you Resident Genius.)

4. Upload your meme to the Reader Gallery — and if you have Instagram, you can upload it there too, and tag both #schoolforgoodandevil and #theschoolforgoodandevil so I see it. (I check those tags every day for those of you on Instagram who want me to see your posts.)

5. Entries due by noon on May 18th!

Alright… Now the real countdown begins until you can read Book 3… Because it’s actually done. Which means it’s coming out… which means you’ll read my thoughts… Ahhhh! Scary. Now I actually have to come to terms with Resident Geniuses like all of you reading this one. It’s all so private!

The struggles and joys of being an author.




  1. Yes! But I won't be doing the meme contest. My friend got me hooked on anime and k-pop. Funny, I'm Korean, she's white!

  2. To: Bubbles

    From: Sophie

    Bubbles, I loved your quiz but did you copy me? :(

  3. Quiz

    To: Girl SGE Lovers

    From: Bubbles

    You have a choice to get to the Blue Forest. You can either go through a graveyard, or a beautiful crystal meadow. You choose:

    a) The graveyard. The dead makes you feel alive.

    b) The meadow. You love pretty stuff!

    c) Neither. You show off and go over both of them.

    d) To follow your prince. Though, he'll probably choose the meadow.

    You were sneaking around in Dean Sader's office and you found an interesting set of jars, and one of them lets you get one wish! You:

    a) Take it and wish that you were back home.

    b) Take it and wish that you had a flawless face.

    c) Take it and wish that your prince would take you to be his princess.

    d) Leave it be so the Dean doesn't know you were here. But now you have LOTS of suspicions...

    It's the week that all students get apprentices! You end up getting:

    a) An ostrich.

    b) Cupid???

    c) A widdle bunny rabbit. (Who's the cutest?)

    d) I don't know yet, but it'll probably be super annoying.

    You did something really bad... So bad you have to go to the Doom Room! You:

    a) Worry about your best friend who was also involved in that THING...

    b) Scream and kick! I'm GOOD! Good doesn't go to the Doom Room! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH

    c) Burst into tears.

    d) Take your fate, and tell the others to stand strong, the Doom Room can't be THAT bad.

    The cutest boy* in class keeps giving you strange glances. You:

    a) Get a nervous rash across your neck...

    b) Assume it's because he wants to date you.

    c) March up to him and say, "You, me, date, Friday. Pick me up at 8:00.

    d) Not worry about it. That cute boy? I'm dating him.

    * Cutest Boy = Tedros

    Mostly A)

    You got Witchy Agatha! You love your friends, and always stick up for them, whether they realize they want it or not. But wait up! Sometimes you have to realize that your BFFs are growing up, and that they have other friends now. Also, you probably need a bit more confidence. So grow it already!

    Mostly B)

    You got Sophie! You're probably really pretty, but don't get caught up in it! Remember boys aren't EVERYTHING.

    Mostly C)

    You got Beatrix! You're probably the prettiest person in the world, and love all pretty stuff. But remember others have feelings, and that the world doesn't revolve around you :)

    Mostly D)

    You got Princess Agatha! You usually know the right answer, and stick up for everyone. You're probably really confident most of the time too, and you make most of the right decisions. But you might still need confidence. And remember, boys aren't always that smart. (Haha!)

  4. AAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!I just simply NEED NEED NEED to get a copy of the book that is signed. I REEEEEEAAAAAAAALLY need it! I just love your books and it would make me SOOOOOOO happy to get a signed book! IT would be so special! By the way, Sophie Noctor. I got Agatha! Agatha is my favorite character :)

  5. To: Soman

    From: Meagan

    OMG I am such a fan of the books, and my favorite character is Agatha. But I am an Ever. Weird.

    I am a fantasy finatic, and I've got to say, this series is just like Harry Potter, or How to Train Your Dragon. It's AWESOME.

    Can't wait for The Last Ever After. The one thing I hate about books is that I can only read ONE AT A TIME. But I'd reckon that I'll finish The Red Pyramid before July 21st.

    But still, it's one of the best series I've ever read, and I hope The Last Ever After will be just as AWESOME as the others!

  6. my GLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for book 3! I'm so exited!

  7. Is it just me or does anyone think the first SGE book is kinda gothic ( ITS A GOOD THING :d)

  8. To: Sophie

    From: Z

    Omagosh, I'm sorry! I was really busy (But I saw that quiz and had to take it!) so I didn't get to reply. I looooooved that test. It was epic. I got Agatha all the way. Thanks for doing that!

    To: Alex

    Now I feel whimpy (is that the right spelling?). You MOVED away. Probably far away. I have contact information for every school, now that I think about it. And all of the are in like a two hour drive.

    I have a friend who is staying with her grandparents, but the rest of her family is living across the state, and she always talks about her friends there, and how they're always talking to each other on the phone. Now, that gives me hope.

  9. Soman

    Hi I'm just wandering if when the next post from you or jo will be because usually u post around now and I'm really worried for u both.

    From Nyah

  10. To: Everyone who did my quiz (Alex, Ariel and Lily!)

    From: Sophie

    Thanks, guys! and thanks for all the nice comments. I hope you liked my quiz and that soon enough, more people will do it too. Thanks a million guys, you are the best! Ps. If any of you have the app PopJam please get me! my name is MagicGirly5531. Again, Thanks! Love Sophie oxoxoxo

    • To: Sophie

      From; Lily

      No probs. Please create more quizzes for me (and others) to do in my (our) spare time while we wait for Joann to post her blog. Where is she??!! I hope she's okay. I've been here since 8:30. If she doesn't post today she'll hopefully post tomorrow. (If she's better.) If she IS sick though(which I hope not), I hope she gets better.

      Lily :)

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