Book 2 Cover Coming Tuesday…

8th August 2013

Hey folks,

Apologies for the silence of late — I’ve been moving apartments, working on the film version of SGE, and huddling away working on A WORLD WITHOUT PRINCES, the sequel to SGE. Still working on the book (it’s epic, to say the least). But to tide you over, here’s a little fun news:

Entertainment Weekly will reveal the Book 2 cover on Tuesday, August 13th on So set your bookmarks and get ready for your first peek at A WORLD WITHOUT PRINCES.




  1. Book 2 is amazing. I love all the books equally, but especially love the girl power in this book.

  2. mhmmmm

  3. @evilgirlrafalstruequeen


  4. Book 2 is okay I guess????

  5. Book two is ok.i got a bit bored at the end

  6. @gwen-elodie I like book 2 but book 3 is my personal favorite.

  7. I love book two

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