9th September 2017


  1. She was very pretty but not really what I though Beatrix would look like. I though she would look more like Genevieve Hannelius

  2. she's WAY different from how i thought she'd look

  3. she doesn't look as i imagined but i love her! she looks incredible!!

  4. I am SOOOOO excited for book 4!!!!

  5. That does not look like Beatrix. I thought she'd look like what she looks like in her portrait in the Ever Never Handbook. No offense, I don't like her this way. Can someone please get me the annoyingly beautiful and obnoxious Beatrix? *snap snap*

    • Lols :D

  6. She's different than I imagined, but she's okay!

  7. Beatrix looks nice!

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