16th September 2017


  1. Yes... I cannot wait for it...

  2. I thought she would have shorter hair and darker eyes but I guess she needs to embrace her princess. I've read the fourth book and she portraits Agatha in a different way then I would expect. but we will have to see if she is a good fit for Agatha during the movie. By the way can't wait for the movie and I love Nicola she is my new favorite character.

    • Sorry if I spelled her name wrong. XD

    • Oh it's right,

  3. She is very good! Although I thought Agatha would have darker hair and darker eyes instead of blue eyes and brown hair. Great portrayal though!

  4. She is so good!

  5. Aw the actress is so cute! She's beginning to embrace the fact that she is now considered a princes, in letting her hair grow and smiling more. I can't wait to read the fourth book in the series!

  6. This is pretty good, but i expected her to have straighter, shorter hair, and be less pretty

  7. I imagined her with shorter hair, but I guess after four years her hair must have grown. The actress is very beautiful and I love how she portrays Agatha trying to be 'out there' without other people noticing. Very nice subtle messages through her acting and I love it. I think I was more critical on her because Agatha is my favorite character, but I don't think you could have picked a better person to play Agatha.

  8. She is soo perfect, I can see the old Agatha shining through though

    • I bet that she could be perfect for the move

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