Buy One, Get One Free SGE!

11th August 2018

Hey Evs and Nevs!

Heads up for everyone in the U.S. — from now until September 3rd, when you buy a paperback copy of a book from THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL series at Barnes & Noble, you get a second SGE paperback for free!

Have a friend who’s been hesitant to buy and check out the books? Tell them they can have the entire set for half price. 😉


  1. Aww, I missed this!

  2. Should’ve seen this but I’m in uk so it makes no difference

  3. Whooop whoop!!

  4. AWESOME!:)

  5. Yaaaaaaas

  6. Yayayayayayaya!!!!!

  7. yessssss

  8. Cool

  9. yay

  10. Wish there was a barnes and noble where I live

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