Boom! The trailer for The Last Ever After!

9th June 2015


  1. Can we uh... Has anyone else noticed how at the bottom of the new page this STILL has its own spot? It's not bad, it's just been that way since I joined the site, and it's honestly the largest question I have about this site. Why has the Book 3 trailer been the one to show off on the news page for multiple years now. Anyone here in 2019? Any theories?

  2. This is the best SGE trailer out of all of them.

  3. I remember book 3


  4. Trailer is out now and readers must watch this immediately.

    • yup!! definitely!

  5. This trailer is cool! Who else is looking at this in 2018, and suddenly everything that happened in book 3 comes back to you.... *cries* Sophie and Agatha found out they were sisters!!!! (That's my favorite part.)

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