CONTEST: Design Your Own Class

13th January 2020

Greetings Evs & Nevs!

In our grand countdown to the June 2nd release of ONE TRUE KING, we are spotlighting one book from the series each month. For January, we are spotlighting the very first book in the series, and hosting a Contest themed around Book 1.

Our Contest this month is for you to Design your own School for Good & Evil class. Whether you’re an Ever or Never, we want to see the kind of dream-class YOU would want at the School as a First Year, including the following:


  • Title of Class
  • Description of Class
  • The Location the Class is Taught
  • The Teacher for the Class (can be an original character or use existing SGE faculty)
  • Necessary equipment, supplies, and pre-requisite classes, if any
  • and finally, the Final Exam/Project for your Class


Showcase this information on one-page, with any illustrations you’d like to add, such as


  • a Class Logo
  • a Lesson Diagram
  • a Portrait of your Professor
  • or anything else that brings your class to life


This being said, we will be judging entries not based on the art-style, but on the originality of its idea.

Submit your one-page Class Description to the Reader’s Gallery as a JPEG or PNG, under 2 MB.

The Grand Winner will receive a signed copy of BOOK 1 and an EXCLUSIVE SGE class schedule, with their choice of an Ever/Never option, seen below:

The deadline to enter this contest is January 31st, the end of the month. Winners will be announced on EverNever TV!

Happy Class-making!



  1. Done! I love this idea of focusing on each book!

  2. @mal0008 The way I do it is by emailing it to myself, and changing the size when it asks me what size I want it to be. (I have no idea if this works on a computer, but it definitely works on a phone). Then you save the image once it appears in your inbox, and submit that one. also make sure it is a jpeg

  3. I've got a few ideas..

    • Good luck

  4. Just entered! Good luck to the rest of you!

  5. Hey, does anyone know how to take a picture that takes up under 2 MB's? I'm clueless. Please help!

    • Nevermind!

    • I don't know maybe just try taking a normal photo and see how it goes

    • same does anyone know how

  6. Aww, I love the idea of honoring each book individually. It produces such a bittersweet feeling as we wait for the release of the sixth and final book

  7. I submitted, but is it I won't get the schedule if I don't live in the US?

    • Me neither but even in the US they would have to mail it so it should be fine though it may take a little while

  8. oh it's on

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