CONTEST: Draw Douggie into SGE

8th July 2019

What’s up Evs & Nevs! It’s your resident mod Jun here, with a brand spankin’ new contest for you.

Whether you’re an avid EverNever TV watcher or an SGE purist, chances are you’ve heard of Douggie, the friendly farting French bulldog, who frequently hangs out with Soman and the Gang on ENTV.

With a big ol’ Giveaway taking place now on EverNever TV (subscribe now to enter! ) , we thought we’d hold a site-wide Contest in honor of our mascot and spirit animal, Douggie, to spread his message of sloth and snacking to the rest of the SGE fandom.

And so the Contest: we’re asking you to draw Douggie or Photoshop him into an iconic scene from the SGE books.

Don’t know Douggie too well? Never fear, for we have a 7 video playlist to give you a crash-course in all things Douggie-related:

The Grand Winner will receive an EverNever Swagpack — a carefully curated selection of SGE merch, all packaged in a trendy purple SGE backpack:


This merch includes:

• “Dougg Squad” EverNever TV t-shirt

• SGE Pin (Ever/Never)

• SGE Survival Tips poster

Once you have your Drawing or Photoshopped image, upload it to the Reader’s Gallery as a JPEG or PNG, and make sure that your file is below 2 MB. As always, keep submission free of explicit content.

The Deadline to enter is: August 15th. Soman and the Gang are really looking forward to seeing your submissions! Douggie needs your love! #DouggSquad


  1. LOVE Douggie <3 <3

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