CONTEST: Fantasy Drinks

19th November 2019

What’s up Evs & Nevs!

Jun here with a new contest for you — as we get into these cold and dark winter months, Soman and the Gang have been talking about how much we rely on hot drinks to keep us going.

Soman recently let slip during one of our EverNever TV shoots that there’s a big scene in One True King that involves hot drinks and coffee and hot chocolate.

So for this contest, your task is to come up with your most creative SGE-themed drink.

Either take a picture of a drink you make yourself, or draw an easy sketch that includes the name, the ingredients, and the idea behind the drink — if it gives you any magical abilities or powers, etc. The ingredients can either be realistic and or totally fantastic.

Once you have your image, submit it to the Reader’s Gallery as a PNG or JPEG under 2 MB.

We’ll be judging entries not on the quality of their art, but more on the idea behind the drink, so please keep that in mind with your entries!

Your deadline for entry is December 8th, midnight EST.

The grand winner will win an Ever Never Swagpack and be announced on EverNever TV.

That’s all for now, and merry drink-making!


  1. :( Missed the due date, sounds like a super fun contest, maybe a cold drink contest in the summer?

  2. I hoped it worked..but I think I posted it too late:(

    welp...good luck for those who made it!!

  3. Good luck to all the contestants!!

    • Yes, you too! Good luck!

  4. How long does it take for the pictures to appear?

  5. How do I post my entry in the reader's gallery?

    • Nm I found out

  6. @agathashelly's drink is so much better than what I MIGHT make.

  7. dot's drink sounds amazing

  8. If there is a place where they sell sge drinks, I'm so there

    • same

  9. I sent my drink a few days ago, but I don't see it in the Reader’s Gallery. Just to make sure you receive my recipe, down bellow is the link to my image.

    • not to worry- pictures usually take time to appear in the readers gallery because they are being approved. it should appear soon!

    • I saw your drink and that looks incredible (Does that sound crazy?My bad sorry)! Anyways, great job!

    • Great! Looks delicious...I LOVE chocolate, and the darker, the better

  10. Hello I'm new, How can I pubblish my drink?

    • You go to Reader's gallery which is, if im not mistaken, in 'the storian', scroll all the way down, and submit it

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