CONTEST: Good & Evil Face Masks

1st December 2020

Greetings, dearest Evs and Nevs! 

We hope you’re all staying safe, healthy, and virtuous or wicked as the case may be.

The world right now is going through a pretty dark and scary time – and in the face of fighting such uncertainty, fear, and injustice, it can be challenging not to lose our sense of optimism, fun, and even – dare we say it – fashion. 

So for this month’s contest, we’d like you to help us revive exactly that! We’re asking YOU to design a face mask for your favorite School for Good & Evil Character

Make it funky, make it fierce, but most of all – make it distinctive. 

The Grand Winner will receive signed copies of Part 1 & 2 of Red School, and our top picks will be featured on EverNever TV!

To enter, simply give us the Name of the character you’ve chosen and a Picture of your incredible custom creation! Upload it as JPEG or PNG under 2 MB to the Reader’s Gallery. If your file is MORE than 2 MB or is not a JPEG or PNG it will not appear in the Reader’s Gallery, so please make sure your settings are correct.

We’ll be accepting entries until midnight EST December 31st, 2020.

Best of luck, all! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!



  1. Why are all the comments italicized?

    I didn't do anything TO italicize so-


    • Um for me they are not...

    • At first I had no idea what you were talking about, but then I posted a reply to a comment below and it italicized the response I just posted... Not all of the comments like you, but I’m confused as well... weird.

    • Wait... now MOST of them are italicized. Wait what?!

  2. i’m think i’m going to try and do agatha or sophie. we’ll see how it turns out because im not very creative

  3. I think I'm gonna do Sophie


    • Yes you do XD

    • *le gasp* HOW DID YOU KNOW!?!? Now it's my turn to call you a stalker.

    • How am I a stalker...? I literally just scrolled down in the comments and replied to yours... You on the other hand went on my profile and were telling me things like how many groups I was a part of

    • My emoji didn’t show up, so here: -_-

    • What? Why would I tell you how many groups you were in?! That's too weird even for me. And 'tis called a j o k e.

  5. Cool !!!

  6. Oooh! Wait. Do you want us to make it or just design/draw it? Sounds fun though!

    • I am not good at drawing but I don't know another way to do it!

  7. Are we limited to only designing ONE face mask or are we allowed to design as many as we like?

  8. Ok so this sounds so fun!! I am going to TRY to design one but i don't think it will look good...

  9. Umm... can we make it for any character?

    • Yep! You can do it for a character of your choosing. Well, it says “favorite”, but I guess you could do whichever character you want.

    • thnx a lot @therealclarissadovey

  10. Ooh!!

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