CONTEST: Recap Challenge

5th February 2019

Hey there Evs & Nevs!

We have a new contest for you guys — the RECAP CHALLENGE. This is a contest where you guys have ONE PAGE to summarize the events of the SGE Books 1 ~ 4, using the Template we provide for you. You can draw, paint, collage, Photoshop on the Template — any method you’d like to create the best Recap of the Story So Far.

Below is an example that I made in honor of the Great Sophie, Empress of the Endless Woods, and True Main Character of the School for Good & Evil Series:

To enter the Contest, simply Right Click on the Template below and Save the image onto your Desktop:

If you want to draw by hand, Print out the Template, draw on it, and then Scan the finished product.

Once you have your Submission, upload it the Reader Gallery, with the heading RECAP CHALLENGE. Make sure that your file is

• Either a JPEG or PNG

• Less than 2 MB

• Features no explicit content

We’ll announce the top 5 Recaps in two weeks on EverNever TV — with one Grand Winner getting a How To Rule the School for Good & Evil poster, like the one below:

All right, that’s all for now, Evs & Nevs, Happy Recapping!



  1. omg I can’t wait to see all the entries!!

  2. Hmm... Can't wait to see the entries, they will be certainly interesting. XD

  3. When is this due, like what is the "submit by" date?

    • the nineteenth

  4. can't wait XD

  5. How do we get the template

    • You right click with your computer mouse and click the "save as" button or something like it

  6. I'm excited! I have some ideas up my sleeve...

  7. Question.Can we make it from someone's POV? Like ONLY about agatha, sophie, tedros, hort, kiko, hester annadil, dot, etc.?

    • Also, how do u turn a google doc to a JPEG or PNG on a Chromebook?

    • I guess you have to save the doc in your files then put that file up in the gallery

    • You can take a screenshot.

  8. That example was hilarious!!!

    Although I did experience problems receiving the poster from the previous comp. I sent the address and everything and even got a reply but ended up not getting the poster... Oh well. It's not their fault, probably. The post system is so bad here.

    • What do you mean you sent it doesn't it say that we put it on the reader gallery

    • SAME!!!!!

  9. This contest sounds soooo cool!! I have been practicing my drawing skill, hopefully I can draw well, or maybe I can do really really good stick figures.

    • You're SO good at drawing! I saw your portraits in the Reader Gallery.

  10. I'm sending Empress Sophie's thing to all of my friends with the words

    Please read this book(times 14)

    And get what. One of my friends borrowed it from the library!

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