CONTEST: Red School Mad-Libs

1st October 2020

Greetings Evs & Nevs!

Have you heard the news? Our very own Soman and his good friend Victoria Aveyard (RED QUEEN) are making a comic together, with a story by me, Jun, illustrated by the great Joel Gennari! The two-part graphic novel is called RED SCHOOL, with Part I coming out October 27th.

As a preview, this month’s contest features a page from the comic itself.

The challenge… to fill in the word-bubbles in the following picture, which features Tedros and Agatha from The School For Good & Evil, and the characters Cal and Mare from the Red Queen series:

The funniest and most creative scene will be crowned the Grand Winner on EverNever TV, and receive one of the limited edition copies of RED SCHOOL, signed by both Soman AND Victoria!

Remember — no explicit language or inappropriate content.

To enter, download the above picture and fill in the word bubbles either digitally or by hand.

Once you have your filled in comic page, scan it and upload it as a JPEG or PNG under 2 MB to the Reader’s Gallery.

Please do not upload PDFs, or files bigger than 2 MB, as the website will not process them!!!

We’ll be accepting entries until October 26th @ 11:59 PM EST.

We’re so excited to see all your fun scenes, happy mad-libbing!



  1. GASP

    *thinks of my mad-libs lines* I want to enter for fun, if that's okay. :)

  2. This looks AMAZING!! I am super excited!! I haven’t read Red Queen yet, but plan to soon!!! Could anyone tell me which one is Cal and which is Mare?

    • The dude is Cal and the chick is Mare. I’ve had to explain this to three different people on separate occasions, and each time my explanations have been shorter, so by now, I’m just cutting to the chase.

    • Cal is the black haired guy, and Mare is the brown haired girl in the pink dress. Hope this helped, good luck!

    • The black-haired man is Cal

      And the woman wearing the purple gown is Mare

    • WoHoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo

      CaN't WaIt To SuBmIt

      BuT i CaN't CoMe Up WiTh SoMeThInG wAcKy EnOuGh

  3. AHHHHH can't wait!!


  5. This is cool-SO COOL! Is there a possibility I could just enter for fun?

  6. HehehHeh I can't wait to see all of the wacky stuff this spawns.

  7. I don't know how to post this and i really want to enter! Can anybody help me?

    • First go to the Games and Extras tab and scroll to the bottom. Click on the button "Reader Gallery". Then scroll to the bottom of that page and click "submit your picture here". All you have to do after that is give it a title and chose the file. I hope this helps!


  9. This is going to be sooo cool!!!

  10. Woah, Woah, woah. I AM THE FIRST TO COMMENT. *SMASHES BUTTON* THis looks awesome.

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