CONTEST: Ultimate Recap

1st May 2020

Greetings Evs & Nevs!

It’s one month away. The big day. For May, we are spotlighting not only the fifth book in the series “A Crystal of Time”, but all the other books that have led us here, to the doorstep of the SGE series finale.

So our Contest this month is for you to make the ultimate one-paged recap of SGE. No template. No format. Just pure imagination — that means you can focus on things other than major plot points if you want. You can focus on the themes of each book, recap the series through the eyes of another character, focus on the romances in each book, and format it all in any medium you want — a poster, a newspaper, a map, a game, lyrics in a song — your challenge is to think outside the box, and your only limit is keeping it all to one page!

Submit your one-page ultimate recap to the Reader’s Gallery as a JPEG or PNG, under 2 MB.

The Grand Winner will receive a signed copy of Book 5, “Quests for Glory,” as well as a signed copy of Book 6, One True King when it drops!

The deadline to enter this contest is May 31st, the end of the month. Winners will be announced on EverNever TV.

Good luck!



  1. So excited to enter! I need to start brainstormi,g...*thinking* nothing comes to mind,right now at least. Good luck to everyone!

    • You too! I'm so excited!

  2. Does it have to be on paper and how many entries am I allowed.

    • one entry only I think but you can do it digitally too

    • I'm doing it digitally; I'm pretty sure you're allowed to, because it said the only limit is that is has to be on one page. It never said you couldn't do it digitally. And we're only allowed one entry, I'm pretty sure.


  4. how do you enter

    • You have to go to the bottom of the Reader's Gallery where it says "submit your picture" and then you upload your picture.

    • thanks so much @RICHARDSONKIDMG

  5. Somebody can do it pov of a student in the school

    • Just an idea.. :)

  6. You guys, someone should do Agatha and Sophie's story in Hort POV!!!! I already did mine so I can't do It, but someone else totally should!!!!

    • wait thats a really good idea

  7. wow! can't wait to see the entries for this :DDD

  8. I don't get it.

    • So you basically create a page that recaps all the 5 books, so like a creation of all the books. Its anything you can think of, just your imagination.

    • It can be anything, It doesn't have to be a paper. It could be a painting, a song, a game, a newspaper, etc

  9. Can we do two entries?

    • No, I don't think we're allowed to.

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