CONTEST: Ultimate Recap

1st May 2020

Greetings Evs & Nevs!

It’s one month away. The big day. For May, we are spotlighting not only the fifth book in the series “A Crystal of Time”, but all the other books that have led us here, to the doorstep of the SGE series finale.

So our Contest this month is for you to make the ultimate one-paged recap of SGE. No template. No format. Just pure imagination — that means you can focus on things other than major plot points if you want. You can focus on the themes of each book, recap the series through the eyes of another character, focus on the romances in each book, and format it all in any medium you want — a poster, a newspaper, a map, a game, lyrics in a song — your challenge is to think outside the box, and your only limit is keeping it all to one page!

Submit your one-page ultimate recap to the Reader’s Gallery as a JPEG or PNG, under 2 MB.

The Grand Winner will receive a signed copy of Book 5, “Quests for Glory,” as well as a signed copy of Book 6, One True King when it drops!

The deadline to enter this contest is May 31st, the end of the month. Winners will be announced on EverNever TV.

Good luck!



  1. I am SO excited for the sixth book! The fifth book cliff-hanger wasn't as bad as the one in the fourth book. And I mean bad as in making me go CRAZY waiting for the next book! I literally did a weird dance around my whole house, jumping and screaming, because I am so excited for the book! (I would not be suprised if I literally don't get ANY sleep the next couple of days!

    • Same

  2. When do we find out the winners of the contest?

    • I have been waiting all day!

  3. Hello, I submitted my entry a few days ago and have been anticipating seeing it in the Reader's Gallery. I received confirmation that it was submitted; I'm not seeing it on the website. I've been working really hard on this, and I was happy and proud of my project. PLEASE HELP, thank you.

    • Hey WHisperingRiver! Your recap for the challenge isn't up yet because before the SGE team posts the stuff in teh Readers Gallery, The have to approve them.

  4. I’ve been checking ever never tv for the winners but I can’t find anything

    • Where is the ever never tv anyways? I just got an account yesterday and i have no idea

    • Nvm

    • Wait a few Hours but I got feeling it's be announced with the other comptition tomorrow

  5. I'm getting nervous. I still can't find my entry. By the way, is multiple submissions allowed?

    • Yes, I can't find mine either... Because I know I followed all of the directions and I submitted it two days ago...

    • When we posted ours, they had to confirm it to see if it was appropriate or not.


  7. I really hope I win. If I do, I promise that is the THE BEST BIRTHDAY AND BEST GRADUATION PRESENT EVER!!!

  8. Where is the reader's gallery? I can't find it.

    • Go to Games & Extras and scroll down till you find the Reader's Gallery

  9. Just posted mine. Though I don't know if I did it correctly since my photo is not showing up on the Reader's Gallery. Maybe I did something wrong.

    • I've got the same problem, it told me I'd submitted my picture but this was 3 days ago and I haven't seen anything since. Is there anything we can do?

    • It might take a while to show up, but it won't be late, since you entered it before the due date. Also, make sure it fit the guidelines above (JPEG or PNG, under 2 MB)

    • I think I submitted a jpg file but a message told me my art had been submitted so is there a difference? Did I enter it wrong?

    • So the SGE team has to approve all of the submissions to make sure they are appropriate

  10. Does it not count if our work is submitted on May 31 or is it May 31 12:00 pm?

    • I would think it counted if you entered it before midnight on May 31st

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