CONTEST: Write Your Own SGE Rap

10th April 2019

What’s up Evs & Nevs!

Hope you guys all enjoyed the Big Bad Rap — we’d like to announce a new contest piggybacking off the Rap, which if you haven’t seen yet, can be caught here:

For a SIGNED copy of “A Crystal of Time” and a note from Soman, come up with your best School for Good & Evil rap or rhyming-poem, in the Comments section.

This can be of any length, but usually, multiples of 8 rhyming lines are your best best. So 8 lines / 16 lines /  32 lines, etc.

No worries if you’ve never written a rhyming poem or a rap before. The important thing is to just have fun and come up with some silly rhymes that are SGE-themed.

As a bonus prize, we will force Soman to rap YOUR winning composition live on EverNever TV.

It will be embarrassing. It will be hilarious. It will be YOUR doing.

We will announce our grand-winner on EverNever TV. Submission deadline is May 1st, so make sure to get your rap/poem in by then.

As a reminder, you may not feature any explicit language or content in your raps.

Happy rhyming everyone, and we’re looking forward to reading your submission!

– Jun


  1. This is Called EVIL’S LOVE, I guess:

    Once upon a time in the forest primeval an evil school master reigned before he was slain,

    Going back there was a dream, a desire for what he didn’t need,

    Love was the key to his heart and from the start he didn’t want to part,

    All alone, Rafal sought her out on a route to place called Gavaldon,

    In this town, Sophie yearned for more and little did she know they were one and the same,

    Alas, Rafal and Sophie were happy and Evil’s love tipped the scales,

    In a time of pain, they found love and it didn’t seem so crappy,

    But they forget dreams die and fight the two lovers did,

    With Excalibur, Rafal’s ring was broken with words unspoken,

    ‘Cause once upon a time there was a School Master who met a fair girl,

    Evil reigned at last in the forest primeval and there was upheaval,

    Reduced to ash, Good stood mighty and the Last Ever After was past

  2. cool

  3. An entry that contains spoilers (I guess... of/for Crystal).

    ? Shrugs. ?

    Japeth talking to Aric and Rhian, telling them his thoughts.


    Brother of mine, didn't you tell me you cared?

    But what does it say if a girl steps in to take it away,

    Take everything we knew, and all that we shared?

    Weren't you supposed to be the Prince,

    The King of Good, the one of purer heart?

    But you've seen this girl, and have been blinded ever since.

    She's supposed to be the pawn, we've agreed from the start.

    Now you're making her the prize,

    Now you're throwing me away,

    Now you're ignoring all my cries.

    Does everything we've shared no longer matter?

    Does this mark an end to peace?

    You're willing to let our bond be shattered,

    All for something so easy to crease, decease?

    I trusted you, and only you,

    And now you break the one vow you made,

    I only want a love that can be true.

    So now you've laid your cards, your game is played,

    You're choosing a stranger over me and you.

    Fine? Go on, do as you will,

    I'll lay down my pieces to be my own King,

    I'll be my own saviour, and I'm not afraid to kill,

    I'll grant my own wishes and my love I'll bring,

    I will get my friend, my soul back from the dead,

    And he'll be there for me like you never were,

    Back at my side, bidding farewell to his death bed,

    Everything you promised now is a blur.

    The boy that you took away from me,

    Showing no mercy, no humanity.

    Look I believed in you brother, that he you'd free,

    Thought you'd relent and give him back to me,

    And instead you went and took my wish,

    Thinking I would let you win again.

    Well, guess what, my brother,

    For the first time, you're wrong,

    Who said I wanted Mother?

    Why should I have played along?

    I'll get my Aric and I want you to see,

    Want you to feel betrayed,

    Like you did to me.


    Oh Aric, my friend,

    Can you hear me?

    You were there till the end,

    Being there for me.

    I'm bringing you back,

    To give us a chance,

    To show that our story is grey not black,

    To take me out of this aching trance.

    Without you by my side,

    Look what I've become,

    A monster with little regard for pride,

    Killing more than I can call 'some'.

    Won't you be here to hold my hand?

    Won't we have each other like before?

    Rule with me, help me run this land,

    For I know your heart to it's very core.

    You told me that you loved me,

    And I love you too.

  4. Okay! So my other rap had some spelling errors, which really began to bug me. So this is just fixing them!

    Okay, here goes! This is about the coven!

    The three evil witches of room 66.

    Fighting and pranking and yelling, all just for kicks.

    One with eyes as red as blood,

    Another can send a chocolate flood.

    And one with a certain print on her skin,

    And once it comes off you’ll never win!

    The three evil witches of room 66!

    Fighting and pranking and yelling, all just for kicks!

    Together they are the perfect storm.

    So I’ll just tell you now ... you were warned!

    The demon flies through the blackest night.

    And Hester’s never too far out of sight.

    Anadil’s rats scurry to and fro,

    And back to her, they’ll always go.

    Chocolate comes from anything with Dot’s sweet touch.

    Though the other two didn’t really like her as much...

    The three evil witches of room 66!

    Fighting and pranking and yelling, all just for kicks!

    Together they are the perfect storm.

    So I’ll just tell you now... you were warned!

    ‘Cause these theee witches just can’t be beat!

    Their power will knock you right off your feet.

    Hester will conjure her very best spells,

    Anadil’s rats give off some questionable smells...

    And Dot’s sweet chocolate seems quite absurd.

    But her chocolate can be helpful, and Dot won’t go unheard!

    So one last time I’ll sing this song,

    I hope my choice of wording was strong!

    The three evil witches of room 66!

    Fighting and pranking and yelling, all just for kicks!

    Together they are the perfect storm!

    So I’ll just tell you know... you were warned!

  5. I also have another one

    Called a forest primeval


    I want to go back

    My life isn't on track

    I'm in school for good

    Should I be school for evil?

    My mind is a blur

    In this forest primeval


    Why am I here?

    My heart is filled with fear

    I'm a princess not a witch

    Me and Aggie need to switch

    Why do people think I'm evil

    In this forest primeval?


    Two different girls

    Have got me in a whirl

    One evil one good

    But the evil one should

    be in school for good

    As she's pretty and she's nice

    and I'll take her advice

    But is her advise evil in this forest primeval?


    Great, we have an ever staying here


    We can always switch rooms

    there's plenty more near


    Hey wait guys! Wanna make a deal?

    If Sophie stays like this its her we must kill!


    NO! Anadil! We may want to kill her, though

    If we do we'll get expelled and home we must go


    But who knows?

    Sophie might be evil!

    Anything can happen in this forest primeval..


    Should I trust this Agatha?

    She ate all the sweets

    and thats against the rules!

    It nearly made me weep.


    Oh don't cry now please!

    We are all at our knees!

    Just think of animals and birds and bee's


    Oh for goodness sake guys

    Agatha being good is lies!

    Just look at her!

    She only makes black cats purr

    I think she is defiantly evil

    There has been a mistake in this forest primeval

    The School Master:

    The girls are in the right schools

    but they're not following the rules

    but its fine as I plan to use one as a tool

    The one that I love

    On the outside a dove

    But in the inside a crow

    People will see in the show.

    And the other girl I'll kill

    And I'll do it with great will

    And everyone around will get a chill

    and everyone will know that I am evil

    And that evil will prevail in this forest primeval...

  6. Ok so rap…

    Its called the princess and the witch…

    The 2 girls were kidnapped

    To a school where they were trapped

    Aggie wanted to go back

    While Sophie wanted to switch

    For her to be a princess and Aggie the witch.

    Then they went to class

    Challenges they had to pass

    Sophie wanted a kiss

    But Aggie didn’t wish for this

    as no one wanted her, Tedros was convinced

    Because for Agatha he fell

    As love as fast as a spell

    While Sophie had her dream stolen

    For a witch she was mistaken

    So she came a witch herself

    Evil, reckless and broken

    Then she attacked

    The White Castle she destroyed

    While the school master had plans

    Wanted Sophie in his hands

    Then Sophie scarified

    So then Aggie kissed her lips

    And they went back home

    The Princess and the witch…

    • Ok so can no one copy this please!!

      As I put this on pintrest a while ago

      and I wanted to use it

      But somebody has already used it and claimed it their own.....

      Which is quite rude.....

      But thank you if you read it!!!

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