CONTEST: Write Your Own SGE Rap

10th April 2019

What’s up Evs & Nevs!

Hope you guys all enjoyed the Big Bad Rap — we’d like to announce a new contest piggybacking off the Rap, which if you haven’t seen yet, can be caught here:

For a SIGNED copy of “A Crystal of Time” and a note from Soman, come up with your best School for Good & Evil rap or rhyming-poem, in the Comments section.

This can be of any length, but usually, multiples of 8 rhyming lines are your best best. So 8 lines / 16 lines /  32 lines, etc.

No worries if you’ve never written a rhyming poem or a rap before. The important thing is to just have fun and come up with some silly rhymes that are SGE-themed.

As a bonus prize, we will force Soman to rap YOUR winning composition live on EverNever TV.

It will be embarrassing. It will be hilarious. It will be YOUR doing.

We will announce our grand-winner on EverNever TV. Submission deadline is May 1st, so make sure to get your rap/poem in by then.

As a reminder, you may not feature any explicit language or content in your raps.

Happy rhyming everyone, and we’re looking forward to reading your submission!

– Jun


  1. ~Note: you are supposed to read this with Katy Perry’s Swish Swish rhythm~

    Swish swish I'm Evil

    They know good is good, but they don't know good is good, in the Woods. What bad moods.

    A Never

    Is sharp and bitter

    Don't need opinions

    From an Ever or a Reader

    You won't steal our theater

    No, not today

    You think you're flawless

    But this is madness

    Cause you are losers

    And we are powerful and mean

    And you will kiss the Dean

    We'll make you bleed

    So true love anyway will not last long

    Once and for all, we hope this happens

    Funny there must be something going wrong

    Cause Good stays winning, lay'em up like

    Wish fish, bish,

    And happily never after

    Can't stop this

    The witches burst into laughter

    Your school's on fire

    You should retire

    You bout as cute as

    The fussies you admire

    And Sophie's not a liar

    She'll make us win

    So keep calm, Soman's wicked and will kill

    Our most loved people, like Lady Lesso,

    Funny prick your fingers on a single spinning wheel

    Or eat a bad apple, and you die like

    Wish fish, bish,

    And happily never after

    Can't stop this

    The witches burst into laughter

    Wish fish, bish,

    And happily never after

    Can't stop this

    The witches burst into laughter

    They know good is good, but they don't know good is good, in the Woods. What bad moods.

    (Sophie aka Nicki Minaj part)

    Green frog pajamas, please do come back

    Silly good deeds don't make me less bad

    My life is a story, it just never ends

    Me and my mogrifos (no, they're not sad)

    Swish swish, oh I got them upset

    But my students'll make 'em dance like dubstep

    Swish swish, aww, my boys are obsessed,

    'Cause I make snails, they get much less

    Don't be tryna be my man

    I already despise you

    Oh, I think the love you're showin'

    Couldn't even disguise you

    Ran? When? Sophie gettin' tan

    Cucumbers make me the fairest bitch in all the land

    Damn, man, the coven is a clan

    Iconic trio will curse the fans

    Ass goodbye, I'ma be riding by

    I'ma tell my Grimm, yeah that's tha guy

    A star's a star, da ha da ha

    They never thought the School Master would take it this far

    Get my wart cup, this is wart shit, baby

    I only rock with Queens, so I'm makin' hits with Aggie

    Wish fish, bish,

    And happily never after

    Can't stop this

    The witches burst into laughter

    Wish fish, bish,

    And happily never after

    Can't stop this

    The witches burst into laughter

    They know good is good, but they don't know good is good, in the Woods. What bad moods.

    • I love it!

  2. The princess and the witch

    When they were kidnapped

    And in a school they were trapped

    Agatha wanted to go back

    But Sophie wanted to switch

    To be a beautiful princess

    And Agatha the witch.

    Then they went to class

    Challenges they had to pass

    Sophie wanted a kiss

    But Agatha didn't wish for this

    Because no one wanted her,

    Tedros was convinced.

    For Agatha he fell

    A love as fast as a spell

    Sophie had her dream stolen

    For a witch had been mistaken

    So she became a witch herself

    Merciless, wicked, broken.

    Then she attacked

    The glass castle she destroyed

    But the School Master had plans

    With the Storian in his hands

    And Sophie sacrificed.

    Sobbing, shaking, Agatha kissed her lips

    And they went back home,

    The princess and the witch.

    • Hi there!!

      I am quite annoyed about your rap as I posted this in Pinterest a while ago and I wanted to use it...

      I am actually quite sad that you didn't write your own...

      You may use it but if it does win then give the credit to Jill Smith on Pinterest please!!!

      I have put my this for mine as well

      But thank you for thinking its good!!!!!!!

      Many thanks


  3. Mmmm, I'll pass, I'm not great at this stuff

  4. *gasp*

    OKAY, I will try my best.

    I have written only one sonnet in my whole life, but I will do what I can. I'm currently studying Shakespeare in English class *ahem*, so I hope I can borrow a bit of his language skills...

  5. Once upon a time

    In a rhyme

    There were two girls

    Both as intelligent as squirrels (squirrels are actually very smart)

    One wore pink

    And's story was written in ink

    The other wore black

    Who's shoes went click, clack

    One was pure

    And allured a prince

    One was evil

    And lived in a ville

    Named Galvadon with the other

    Evil's mother

    Was beautiful

    But undutiful

    Good's mother

    Was not the true mother

    For the other child's mother was her mother


    They were kidnapped by a School Master

    And carried by stymphs

    Which were faster

    Than a person

    One desired a prince

    Handsome as can be

    And if she got him she would jump with glee

    The other

    Helped her

    But in a blur

    That handsome prince

    Was in love with

    The girl who wore black

    And as she looked back

    At the handsome prince

    She chose the girl

    And hurled

    Him into anger





    But a girl made a wish

    And in a whish

    She, and the other

    Were at the school again

    Where a woman

    Would obtain

    A school

    For girls

    And she threw out pearls

    And a princess's life

    Or a wife's

    And the students did so too

    Who wore blue

    But across the moat

    Were boys

    Who were cutthroat

    And wanted nothing

    To do with the girls

    And their pearls

    Which now didn't exist

    And now in a battle

    Between Boy and Girl

    Man and Pen

    And then

    A Girl

    Formerly dressed in black

    Whose shoes used to go click-clack

    Now dressed in pink

    And with a wink

    She chose a boy

    A prince

    And the other

    Chose a boy, too

    But that boy was as bad as the flu

    For he was Evil




    Once upon a time

    In a castle

    Laid a girl

    Dressed in black

    With a boy dressed in white

    At her heels, holding out a ring

    Who would cling

    To her, holding out that ring

    And when she took it

    In a flit

    They thought their story would close

    But nope!

    And so in a battle

    Between Good and Evil...

    Who will succeed?

    (Note: This is only the first three books. But I can make a part 2, if anyone wants me to...)


  6. Good in evil in every tail,

    Balance, or else a spectacular fail,

    Beautiful Princesses dressed in pink,

    As for the evil, what do you think?

    And in a town, Sophie was dreaming,

    To have an ever after, she was scheming,

    But her best friend, Agatha, wanted her there,

    With Sophie, she felt life was fair,

    But fairytales are not black and white,

    Well they kinda are, alright,

    But this one is not like the rest,

    This one, there's a fairytale test,

    This one, there's a school in the woods,

    For all the evils and all the goods,

    Turns out Agatha's heart is pure,

    Despite being a bit morbid, sure,

    This one, Sophie's Prince Charming,

    turns out to be a bit alarming,

    The son of the famous king,

    Who's name Sophie starts to sing,

    Fighting between good and bad,

    People die, and that is sad.

    Sophie gets extremely mad...

    Hero's journey, armor-clad.

    But this tale is far from straightforward.

    A giant pen writes the final word

    A nemesis who was once a friend,

    How will this great story end?

  7. Contest entry

    There once were two girls

    One wore her hair in curls

    The other wore it down

    Attending balls in a gown

    Was one girl's dream

    The other would rather hatch a scheme

    Castle and a Prince one girl desired

    The other wanted in no way to be admired

  8. I'm not very good at rhyming but it would be fun to give this a shot

  9. Omg this is so hard.

  10. (poem/rap entry)

    once upon a time

    there were two girls

    one loved crows

    the other loved pearls

    they were taken by the School master

    and carried by stymphs which was much faster

    they learned magic spells

    and were in fairy tales

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