CONTEST: Write Your Own SGE Rap

10th April 2019

What’s up Evs & Nevs!

Hope you guys all enjoyed the Big Bad Rap — we’d like to announce a new contest piggybacking off the Rap, which if you haven’t seen yet, can be caught here:

For a SIGNED copy of “A Crystal of Time” and a note from Soman, come up with your best School for Good & Evil rap or rhyming-poem, in the Comments section.

This can be of any length, but usually, multiples of 8 rhyming lines are your best best. So 8 lines / 16 lines /  32 lines, etc.

No worries if you’ve never written a rhyming poem or a rap before. The important thing is to just have fun and come up with some silly rhymes that are SGE-themed.

As a bonus prize, we will force Soman to rap YOUR winning composition live on EverNever TV.

It will be embarrassing. It will be hilarious. It will be YOUR doing.

We will announce our grand-winner on EverNever TV. Submission deadline is May 1st, so make sure to get your rap/poem in by then.

As a reminder, you may not feature any explicit language or content in your raps.

Happy rhyming everyone, and we’re looking forward to reading your submission!

– Jun


  1. Can I just say that everyone who has entered this has done amazing raps . They're all so great! X

    I'm just enjoying sitting here reading them all :)

    Well done to everyone xx

    • We loved reading these entries too! We've picked our grand-winner and they will be announced in the next EverNever TV episode!


  3. I’m not gonna try because i..

    I can’t rap..


  4. Agatha and Sophia

    Had an evil phobia

    Neither got what they wanted

    And one of them haunted

    Princess Agatha

    Was like the back cover

    Witch of the woods beyond

    Always played with a magic wand

  5. There was a tale

    the tale of sophie and agatha

    two girls; two parts

    they cant live life without each other

    boys come between them

    their still friends

    their fight are ever-lasting

    their still friends

    in the end, they go their seperate ways, but,

    they are still friends

    always together working with each other

    nothing is whole with only a half

    these girls are not whole, without each other;

    life is amongst them, twins never to be torn apart

    • oh my god this is really good! u shoould do poetry this is incredib;e!

  6. There was a tale

    the tale of sophie and agatha]

    two girls; two parts

    they cant live life without each other

    boys come between them

    their still friends

    their fight are ever-lasting

    their still friends

    in the end, they go their seperate ways, but,

    they are still friends

    always together working with each other

    nothing is whole with only a half

    these girls are not whole, without each other;

    life is amongst them, twins never to be torn apart

    • oops didnt mean to write two

  7. For two hundred years in a village named Gavaldon,

    In an Endless Woods with far more years under its belt , we’re two schools.

    One, would rear its ugly head and screech for Nevermore.

    And One would sing sweet cheers for Ever After jewels.

    Every four years,

    A child would be captured,

    One for Good,

    One for Evil.

    The School Master was the one that captured the children of Gavaldon.

    Some would await with bated, raptured breath,

    Others, terrified squeaks and croaks trying to calm raging hearts.

    For every child gone,

    A parents heart shattered.

    Some thought they would be tortured,

    Most thought to be killed,

    Although, there was one completely willing to leave,

    Willing to start a new chapter,

    Her name was Sophie,

    As beautiful as can be,

    She was surely a trophy,

    But her personality stung like a bee,

    She had a best friend,

    Whose name was Agatha,

    Who most would not recommend,

    For she was not beautiful on the outside,

    But she had a beautiful personality.

    Now, back to the two schools of a different mentality,

    One school that graciously accepted Good with hospitality, hoping to create beautiful, brave, and kind princes and princesses,

    Another that grudgingly accepted Evil hoping to produce vicious and vile creatures.

    The School Master rules these schools,

    Originally two,

    One 100% Pure Good,

    The other 100% Pure Evil,

    In harmony, two brothers, twin brothers,

    Looked over this jazzy pen,

    Called the Storian,

    Which balanced Good ,

    And Evil,

    In the fairytales,

    It writes the stories and tells how the stories end.

    Then, one brother got greedy,

    And thought he could control the pens judgement,

    And more importantly,


    The two brothers dueled each other,

    One came up victorious,

    One at a dead end.

    No one knows which one won,

    The deed done.

    Now only Good wins,

    Evil left in the dirt,

    As Good grins,

    Evil tries and tries again and again,

    Only to have hope,

    Blow away with the wind,

    In the end.

    On kidnapping night,

    Gavaldon shielded children,

    Boarded up houses,

    Nailed shut windows,

    All while Sophie grins.

    She awaits the School Master,

    She sees a shadow cross the window,

    But, alas,

    Hopes squished like a big,

    As she sees Agatha peer at her from her window,

    Big bug eyes and all,

    Agatha jumps through her window,

    Landing like a cat,

    She whispers,

    “The School Master”

    And just like that,

    Her and Sophie kidnapped,

    Drug into the Endless Woods,

    On a bird of bone,

    Fires of Gavaldon start to fade,

    Eventually extinguish.

    Terrified to her very core,

    Agatha dropped to a beautiful grassy green shore,

    Happy to her very core,

    Something smacked her in her face,

    Like a cold,

    hard splash of water,

    Then happiness shattered like broken ice by confusion,

    For Sophie had been dropped,

    In the horrible,

    blackened shore,

    With the slushy most glinting,

    as she thrashed to the surface.

    Girls flip-flopped in the wrong schools,

    Or so they thought.

    • Wow, its so long

      And I love ittt

  8. This compotition is one of the best ones yet! The poems are so good and I thinks it's going to be a really close call. Best of luck to everyone!

    • Yes! It is definately going to be a close call!

    • The only thing wrong with any of them is that even though they are AMAZING, they are poems, not raps. But they are all fantastic. (I’m not criticizing, just informing.)

  9. In Galvadon, which praised the ordinary,

    kidnappings started, making the citizens worry.

    At first they though phantom bears where to blame,

    but each year the pattern was the same.

    To find it out, they just had to look,

    in the nearest pages of a storybook.

    One child for good, the other for evil,

    ending up in storybooks medieval.

    How these children found fairytale success?

    They went to a school, that their talents finessed.

    And so we join best friends 200 years latter.

    One believed in the school, the other was a hater.

    Sophie and Agatha the school mater's perfect pair,

    where whisked away to the school most fair.

    As they approached the glistening lake,

    they were dropped in the wrong schools, a giant mistake.

    And while the School Mater fell deff to their cries,

    in their new schools they found a surprise.

    Perfect princesses and the king of Camelot new,

    an evil coven and a boy in frog pajamas too.

    One girl destined for a happily ever after,

    the other trying to escape her never after.

    The princess and the witch.

    Who knows which is which.

    • Beautiful!! Love it!

    • AMAZING!

  10. To a land that is far away

    Kids are kidnapped every 365th day

    Two twins both born of greed

    Kidnapped,taken, planted the seed

    Sophie convinces everyone she ain’t no witch

    She pretty, she curtsies, time to make that switch

    Agatha, Agatha sitting over there

    everyone notices, everyone stares

    Tedros with those bright blue eyes

    Kisses Sophie and pushes Beatrix aside

    Sophie was so bad at spells

    She turned a frog into a wishing well

    Agatha was brilliant with her kind ways

    She freed a gargoyle and asked him to stay

    Sophie asked Agatha for a favor

    Agatha agreed as long as she could savor…

    Every time Agatha looked in Sophie’s eyes she saw a friend

    A good person who would never lie

    Agatha did all of Sophie’s work

    While Sophie pretended to have a cute little quirk

    Sophie was so cunningly evil

    She mastered a new kind of upheaval

    Sophie planned to leave Aggy in a pile

    While Agatha just mastered her beautiful smile

    Tedros always picked Agatha instead

    But Sophie deceived him, what a friend!

    During the trial Sophie had a choice

    Die with your prince or do nothing and rejoice

    Agatha saved the oh so dear prince

    Little did she know that was all it would take to convince

    Tedros hated sophie with such devote

    He left her with a petty little note

    The time came where Teddy asked Aggy to the ball

    A confused silence spread throughout the hall

    Agatha had no words but yes

    That night her smile truly gleamed in her midnight blue dress

    Sophie then crashed the show

    She made it rain nemesis dream snow

    Sophie petrified the teachers so there was no help

    All the students could do was scream and yelp

    Then came a point where Sophie pushed Agatha off a cliff

    Agatha survived with a magical lift

    All the good kids decided to go

    While the evil kids decided to throw a ball of their own

    Sophie tricked Agatha to kiss her

    Tedros shot an arrow that barely missed her

    But when the time came in the end

    Sophie and Agatha chose to be best friends.

    • That is so good. Compared to the one I was going to write.

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