CONTEST: Write Your Own SGE Rap

10th April 2019

What’s up Evs & Nevs!

Hope you guys all enjoyed the Big Bad Rap — we’d like to announce a new contest piggybacking off the Rap, which if you haven’t seen yet, can be caught here:

For a SIGNED copy of “A Crystal of Time” and a note from Soman, come up with your best School for Good & Evil rap or rhyming-poem, in the Comments section.

This can be of any length, but usually, multiples of 8 rhyming lines are your best best. So 8 lines / 16 lines /  32 lines, etc.

No worries if you’ve never written a rhyming poem or a rap before. The important thing is to just have fun and come up with some silly rhymes that are SGE-themed.

As a bonus prize, we will force Soman to rap YOUR winning composition live on EverNever TV.

It will be embarrassing. It will be hilarious. It will be YOUR doing.

We will announce our grand-winner on EverNever TV. Submission deadline is May 1st, so make sure to get your rap/poem in by then.

As a reminder, you may not feature any explicit language or content in your raps.

Happy rhyming everyone, and we’re looking forward to reading your submission!

– Jun


  1. I just created this and it’s not that good but still here’s my poem :


    Girls from

    A village called gavaldon

    Taken away to a school

    Near Camelot.

    Looking for a way out

    But none to find

    Eventually they see

    A world out of mind

    Threw a crystal ball

    Out the other side

    Yes they have

    Seen it all in a world grater a than life.

    Happiness is not what you have in mind

    It’s your friends that get you there at times.

  2. Every 4 years in a village named Gavaldon ,

    two children would be forced to experience a phenomenon.

    Taken to two towers deep in a forest one for the pure and one for the wicked,

    where for years the good and evil had conflicted.

    If you tried to escape you would always fail,

    the only way out would be through your fairy tale.

    In Gavaldon Sophie had waited to be kidnapped,

    although her best friend Agatha thought it would be a mishap.

    Until Sophie had been labelled a never, fully evil,

    she had realised her dream of being a princess was deceitful.

    Agatha got surprised with the idea of being good,

    she would switch with Sophie if she could.

    In Tedros eyes Agatha was the witch and Sophie was the one he'd soon kiss,

    both prince and princess would be bliss.

    Until evil saw Sophie as an exampled elite,

    because of the challenges Sophie had overcome with cheats .

    She was soon seen as a never that played with princes emotions,

    through her black hearted notions .

    Later on Agatha learned how to smile,

    as Sophie's nemesis became wild.

    The princess had become stronger,

    where the witch couldn't take it any longer.

    The good in Agatha that Tedros soon saw,

    left him in awe.

    For Agtaha he fell,

    a love as fast as a spell.

    As she accepted his proposal to the ball,

    all the princesses began to fall.

    For Sophie was the most devastated,

    no one could control her being frustrated.

    Ending with tears and broken hearts,

    soon Agatha and her prince had to part.

    As she kissed Sophie, her ever after,

    she left behind her reason of laughter.

    I hope this was good enough it took me a long time to come up with ,and I tried to perfect it as much as I could :)

  3. I can’t come up with one, here is this:






    Prevail don’t pass

    You’ll get gas

  4. I can’t come up with one, here is this:






    Prevail don’t pass

    You’ll get gas

  5. This Doesn’t have any rhymes but I thought it’d be fun!

    2 little girls,

    As different can be,

    Break glass house’s,

    So what could this mean?!

    Re-learn the definition of good and evil,

    Any attempt to stop it would be plain feeble!

    School for good and evil, what defines you soul?

    School for good and evil who wouldn’t appreciate the lore?

    School for good and evil what’s your school?

  6. Once apon a time in a land filled with glory

    There was a school where kids wound up in a story

    In another place called Gavaldon

    There were two friends named Agatha and Sophie

    Who were only friends because Sophie need a good deed

    But when the day came Agatha was dropped in good

    And Sophie thought it was misunderstood

    Because she was dropped in Evil!

    Evil, Evil, Evil!

    She tried to switch

    By getting a prince

    But this backfired

    And she turned out to be undesired

    Meanwhile,with Agatha things were pretty good

    She met a girl named Kiko who understood

    And obtained a beautiful smile

    Oh and did I mention was in the trial

    But in the end at the Circius of Talents

    Sophie ruined it all by being jealous

    And battling Tedros to the death

    Oh, no wait, almost

    Til tedros dropped down and kind of proposed

    To the one and only Agatha

    They were really happy yeah

    But then Sophie pushed her off a balcony

    And sealed her in a coffin then opened her up and (which is kind of stupid)

    But what am I to say?


    She asked for a dance and Agatha accepted

    But it ended with a near-murder

    And I can’t think of a rhyme with near-murder

    So I’ll stop right here in

    Once upon a time in a land filled with glory

    There was a school where kids wound up in a story.

  7. Yo listen let me tell you a story,

    When it first started it was really quite boring,

    But it’s pretty good at the end of the day,

    So really please listen to what imma’ ‘bout to say,

    Listen up imma’ start rappin’,

    In the boring village Gavaldon where nothing would happen,

    The children didn’t play with no toys,

    Fairytale reading was one of their only joys,

    But people realized something really quite queer,

    Every four years two children would disappear,

    They were taken by a shadow on the night that people fear,

    One would be wicked, conniving and cruel,

    The other would be charming, kind and cool,

    Then something even weirder would pop out of the blue,

    The kids would resurface as characters familiar to you,

    The Little Mermaid and The Witch of The Woods to name a few,

    Now no child wanted to leave forever,

    Except Sophie who wanted her and Agatha to go together,

    Sophie was a princess through and through,

    She liked cucumber, pink and shampoo,

    Agatha was a picture perfect villain they say,

    She loved black, her cat, and the graveyard where she spent her days,

    The two were best friends through thick and thin,

    They even felt like each others kin,

    Being taken by a shadow Agatha wouldn’t allow,

    So she went to go and protect Sophie somehow,

    Sophie couldn’t even pack up her creams,

    The shadow took them before they could scream,

    The two were whisked to The School for Good and Evil,

    Then came even more upheaval,

    Sophie was put in Evil, Agatha in Good,

    Apparently the two brothers who started it all had a nasty brotherhood,

    The girls couldn’t seem to find their way outa’ the wood,

    Sophie didn’t fit with the ugly mean Nevers,

    Agatha hated the prissy perfect Evers,

    This is where the besties fairytale begins,

    All we can hope is for a happy end,

    ‘Cause Agatha just wanted to go home,

    But Sophie wants a prince and a kingdom to roam,

    The three awesome witches Hester, Anadil, and Dot,

    Helped them out of one or two tight spots,

    The Storian writes the fairytale’s,

    They say is tells the truth,

    But then who is Good and who should Evil salute,

    Agatha and Sophie’s tale is complicated,

    All we can do is read,

    Breath bated.

    • I'm so sorry! There was another line in there to make it 48 lines but it did not paste when I copy and pasted!

    • I was thinking about writing a rap then I saw your and said nope someone has already won.

      SGE what to have some tea with that as you take baths and sing's that

      OK I'll stop

      Loved your rap

    • Oh, thank you so much!

  8. Jun's amazing!!!!!

    • Totally agree

    • I agree!

  9. Harry Potter is ok

    But yay

    the new book for school for good and evil bookis here

    I am quaking with fear

  10. My Entry:

    When you start think life is just witches and kings,

    Think again, stories don’t always end with a ring.

    A girl called a princess.

    A girl called a witch.

    Turns out both were warriors that didn’t bewitch

    Okay, maybe one was a little bit purer than the other

    But really who cares? Love was all that mattered.

    It brought their happiness, brought their pain,

    And the Storian was what controlled the game.

    So dear readers, do you dare to start,

    The story that may just break your heart?

    Maybe you decide you need some more,

    Or throw the book away and cry on the floor.

    SGE affects your life, well, either way.

    So now I would suggest you go your way,

    Bother people now, all night and day

    Shouting to the sky, in the middle of May:






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