Easter Treats & Fangirly Things

5th April 2015

Happy Easter, Evs and Nevs!

Did the Easter Bunny visit you today? It’s funny, my family always observes the holiday by going to church but my parents never gave me or my sisters baskets with chocolates and other goodies. I didn’t even know that was a thing until I got to college and realized all of my roommates got them from their parents! Boooo.

Anyway, I have an Easter egg for YOU. (See what I did there?) We thought it’d be fun to give a tiny sneak peek of an exclusive that we’ve been working on with the team at HarperCollins:

easter egg

What do you think it is?? Hint: it’s a way for you to put your true Ever or Never colors on display. And we’ll be including it with special paperback editions of A World Without Princes! Which is all I’ll say about that.

On that note, don’t forget: you still have a chance to enter the SGE Theory Contest if you haven’t already. Do you think you’ve figured out something about the SGE world that no one else has? Give us your best and most creative theory — we’d love to hear it!

Yesterday I woke up early to stand in line for rush tickets to a play, which I’ve never done before. I think I might try to do it for Les Miserables next, although I’m sure I’ll have to camp out for it. I’ve heard that people start lining up as early as 6 AM, yikes. Maybe once it’s warm! I could always bring a book to read while I wait for the box office to open.

What’s the craziest fangirl-y thing you’ve ever done or waited in line for? I’ve gone to a few midnight releases but nothing huge. In May I’m going to BookCon for the very first time — I’m sure that’ll get pretty crazy! I just get anxious when it comes to entering lotteries for meet-and-greets or getting in line before they cut people off. I’m excellent at being patient, but I’m not always quick enough to snap up one of those limited spots.  That’s when going to events with a pushier friend would be helpful.  Sophie, for instance, would totally get us to the front of the line.  (Or, better yet, she’d get us in the same elevator or cab or other small space with the fabulous author/famous person we want to see most.)

Have to dash — still busy, busy, busy working on stuff for Soman’s upcoming tour, among other things. Until next time! Here’s your song of the day:

 ~ JoAnn


  1. Back in my baby days that song used to come out throughout elementary and kindergarten years...

  2. Nice song! Sounds great!!! :)

  3. Bummer you didn't get Easter chocolates when you were a kid. Easter's one of the best holidays to eat chocolate.

  4. I've never stayed up until midnight in order to wait for something, but for this book series the first word I got of any new books immediately went to preorder it. I've also waited for three hours in a line in order to get into a ball at an anime convention.

  5. great :D

  6. i need both of those. So awesome!

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