EverNever TV: Casting Contest Winners, Hiatus & 2018 Highlights

7th December 2018


  1. Stay tuned for the hiatus in about a few months until the show returns :( ...

  2. Coooooooool!!!!!!

  3. Niceeeee!!!

  4. I totes agree with the coven idea! Jun should be Dot XD

  5. I think JoAnn should turn the boys into the coven!

  6. Nooo Joann we'll miss you!

  7. Do not leave jo ann

  8. Nooo! JoAnn! I love the show, and we will never forget you and your wonderful personality! Congratulations to all the winners, runner ups, and... yep. That’s all I have to say for now.

  9. Gonna miss you JoAnn. You were a beloved part of the show!

    • Good job

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