EverNever TV: 5 Burning Questions About the School for Good and Evil

16th July 2021


  1. Cool!

  2. super exciting!!

  3. Fun fact: There is one more last name he didn't mention. Tedros' last name is Pendragon ( Tedros Pendragon ). I know that sounds weird, but if he took his father's last name ( King Arthur Pendragon ) then that's his name. This took me a while to figure out- but if he took his mother's last name, of which I have no idea. But I assume he took his dad's.

  4. Yay, I'm super excited for Beasts and Beauty! So glad it got moved up :))

  5. Finally the next video! Vanessa Eve...I like it. I’m so excited for the photo shoot!!!

  6. Soman thinks we're going to keep being positive. He's never been so wrong *insert evil cackle*. We OG's have to protect our territory.

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