EverNever TV: A Book 6 Thanksgiving

28th November 2019


  1. Giving thanks:

    Sister: I am grateful for our family.

    Mom: I am grateful that we can all be here today.

    2nd cousin's grandaughter's fiancee's aunt's 3rd cousin: I give thanks to god.

    Me: I am grateful for King Teapea.

    Grandmother: *blinks and stares at me*

  2. I know this is late, but happt thanksgiving!!!

  3. Happy thanksgiving Soman!!

  4. Oh my gosh

    Thank YOU Soman, it's great to hear that you're better! You wrote this amazing series, and there's an awesome fandom here! I really want it to get much more recognition, but yeee it could with the movie! And wow thanks for writing so much, and being so dedicated to the final book and trying to bring the best to us..., and I think it's gonna be great. Everyone have a great time, and happy belated thanksgiving!

  5. happy belated thanksgiving!!! loved the intro as usual XD

  6. Happy thanksgiving!

  7. Happy Late Thanksgiving!!! i um on black friday my family and i were driving home after a short trip so no target for me lol.

  8. Happy thanksgiving!!!! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us!!!!

  9. I is thankful for SGE also wooooop the movie!!!

  10. I know it is pretty late, but Happy Thanksgiving Soman. I am thankful for you writing such an amazing series and I am wishing to the universe for the movie to be perfect. Thank you for everything!!!

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