EverNever TV: A Horty Introduction to Red Queen

23rd October 2020


  1. super excited!!

  2. *sighs* I still haven't read red queen... It's not in Iran yet

  3. Red Queen sounds really good! I'm definitely going to look for it.

  4. and another interesting video . Good job

  5. Oh man. I just joined this morning and this video put a smile on my face! I haven't read Red Queen yet but now I'm excited to read it as well as the new Red School book!

  6. hort are you okay

    also yes hello petition for Evangeline and Sophie to just like



  7. I am so happy that my two favorite video made a collab like this

  8. Wow super excited can't wait for my book!!!!!

    • I agree!!!!

  9. am I the only one who finds this insanely helpful since I've never read red queen?

    • anybody who hasn't read red queen should do it now its amazing.

    • Red queen is a must read, I LOVED it, at first when this was announced I thought it was boring because I googled: Is red queen boring? and a lot of people liked it but there was this one person who thought it really boring but I got the book and OMG it was AMAZING! that person who thought it was boring probably didn't know how to read well and understand the words.

  10. Yeah, Mr. Soman Chainani. Where is your common decency? You couldn't give our boy Hort a better power? Haha! Also peanut butter and tofu?

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