EverNever TV: A Horty Introduction to Red Queen

23rd October 2020


  1. Okay, who told Soman and Jun what the essence of this site actually is? They got ideas, and now here we are.

  2. ... Oh hort !

  3. OMG HORT NOOOO!! cmon we just got our Hophie!

  4. Peanut Butter and Tofu id my new favorite food

  5. I am a human being with emoooooooooooootions

    • XD I loved that part

  6. *cries in being too young to read red queen*

    • *cries in reading like 6 books at the moment and being only a year younger to reading it, plus not even reading red queen to begin with*

  7. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL are you serious?? HORT! We just got Hophie back-

  8. Hort is crushing on Mare oop

    • Oop. Sophie, move out of the way, here comes Mare!

  9. Hort sounds like Mickey Mouse I-

    • Oh my God, HA! That is so accurate!!

  10. Hort is just.... YES! This was an awesome video, but do we still get the second red school if we already ordered a signed copy of the first one before that announcement?

    • I was wondering the same thing

    • Ok so I am a bit confused. Red school comes out tomorrow right? So will we get our copies tomorrow or a few days later???

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