EverNever TV: All About Soman

24th July 2020


  1. 1) Okay, seriously, we have no excuse for this amount of procrastination.


    *i stare at her for a second after that flat "nope" and no other response* ...Harsh.

    "Just start the video, Twig."

    2) XD you guys are mumbling unintelligibly on purpose, masks don't make it THAT hard to hear what people say...


    "XD XD XD XD

    4) *in unison* DOUGGIIIEEE XD XD XD XD !

    5) Yeah...very...not...socially distant...

    6) Yayyyy! XD

    7) "Aw, look at Douggie just lounging there on Soman's lap with his head back... :) :) :) "

    :) :) :) :)

    8) How are you guys ACTUALLY managing to get out and do fitness stuff? How have y'all been doing that this whole quarantine? Bro.

    "I mean...I still practice martial arts and gymnastics and stuff every day."

    Wait, when?

    "Mostly, like, before you wake up, but I also get in a bit of it when you're on a really long tumblr spree or something."

    Ah. Well, dang, I ain't doing anything besides, like, sit at this computer all day and be mad at myself for not getting myself to do anything more worthwhile.

    "It's okay Twig. You're not the only in that situation. You'll figure it out."


    9) "Ha ha, Douggie's you!"


    10) The movie announcement's getting more people to read the books??????? :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D





    11) "AWW BABY SOMAN"

    12) Black-and-white Soman pictures! Even though it probably wasn't all THAT long ago

    13) "Y'know, it's kinda confusing why sports teams are divided as being male or female. Like, why can't they just be divided by general body type or weight or skill level or something?"


    14) Wait, what's with the microphone? And the sign he's wearing?

    "Beats me."

    15) Pharmaceutical consultant?

    16) Aw man, times where kids got encouraged to focus on money before following their dreams sound like they kinda sucked. Then again, now we're living in times where kids get encouraged to follow their dreams, but the world makes it increasingly harder and harder.

    17) Exactly! Don't spend your life trying to be something you don't even like!

    18) Seems almost funny, the idea that you spent all that time walking around just trying to something else to do and came up with nothing, no ideas falling from the sky in all that time, but I mean...I guess that's just how it goes in life sometimes, right?

    19) "Ooooh, cool!"

    20) Oh dang.

    21) So THAT'S the context of when in your life SGE was conceived. When you were a broke tutor and things sucked.


    22) Yeah, those impossible body standards are toxic as HECK, there are SO many people falling into that trap and it takes over their lives and self-image and it s.ucks. Oof.

    23) "Hey, yeah, that's true...Sophie and Tedros do have issues like that to overcome. And, gotta say, having them physically lose that image of themselves that they've stressed over keeping up is actually a really creative and awesome way to address that and force them to focus on their inner selves instead. Good on you, Soman. And it's interesting to see how all this stuff in the books comes from your life like this."



    25) XD XD XD XD 'you're such a fat loaf of bread' *starts clapping* What a heck of a line that is XD

    26) *we both break down in peals of laughter*

    27) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    "Beautiful message Soman."

    Will try and keep that in mind.

    28) Wait, focus group?? Of superfans on instagram and tumblr and stuff?? BROOO that is COOL


    29) Welp, we should go to bed now.

    "Next video tomorrow! From the name and thumbnail this is gonna be a GOOD one!"


  2. SGE was such an amazing serie, and definitely my favorite!

  3. I love it! thx

  4. this series is THE BEST!!! thank you Soman!

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