EverNever TV: Behind the Book 6 Cover

9th October 2019


  1. I want this booook

  2. Such an awesome cover!!

  3. I'm confused who is 'Jepeth'

    • Did u actually not read book 5 ?

  4. Okay so here’s my theories:

    1) Agatha’s going to kill the snake. She’s wearing a snake crown even though her boyfriend is (probably) the Lion, and Soman knows better than to break up one of the top ships of this series. (We’d riot in the streets outside his home if he did!). So the other possible meaning for Agatha in snake garb is that she’s out to get him.

    2) Sophie might be the Lion, or she might become Queen of Camelot and kick out Tedros. How much does Tedros want that job anyways? She’d be a good-ish ruler.

    3) Japeth and Tedros will fight, but then it’ll be one of the girls who finishes Japeth off. Tedros will probably get hurt or something and then Agatha and/or Sophie will come in with swords out.

    4) One of Uma’s mongoose friends will be fed a potion that will make it invincible and twenty feet tall. It will fight the snake and kill him. The mongoose will be given a position as one of Tedros’s advisors and it will live happily ever after. (It could happen, okay!?)

  5. This is so cool! I can't wait to read it!

  6. 'One True King'


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