EverNever TV: Book 2 Secrets

7th February 2020


  1. SOMANA needs to be shown more!

  2. Nice how you made your past teachers the teachers in the School for Good and Evil... that way you can roast them whenever you want. OOOF. No seriously, I thought that was cool.

    • oops, sorry that's for book 1

  3. douggie is here therefore amazingness

  4. Secretssssss

  5. ooooh, secrets...


    especially about the sge books!


  6. I liked this video better than the first one. I mean the book one secrets one.

  7. ..............................

  8. Wow... I've never seen so many secrets. Amazing job by the way.

  9. Omg I looovveee these secrets! Please keep doing them! I absolutely can’t wait for book 6

    • secrets

    • secrets and lies

    • secrets!

    • sorry about that

    • Whatever happened to the contest stuff?

  10. Why you gotta be like that, Soman?! How am I going to convince my mom to buy me a book I already have just to read the chapters from the next book, which I will get to read eventually?!

    And why did you have to look straight into my eyes when you said we girls don't have much empathy..... made me feel guilty, and I don't have feelings.

    • When I saw Soman, I thought he had a sister xD

    • That's deep, girl.

    • Awweeee, I'm soo excitedd!!

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