EverNever TV: Book 2 Secrets

7th February 2020


  1. I liked this video better than the first one. I mean the book one secrets one.

  2. ..............................

  3. Wow... I've never seen so many secrets. Amazing job by the way.

  4. Omg I looovveee these secrets! Please keep doing them! I absolutely can’t wait for book 6

    • secrets

    • secrets and lies

    • secrets!

    • sorry about that

    • Whatever happened to the contest stuff?

  5. Why you gotta be like that, Soman?! How am I going to convince my mom to buy me a book I already have just to read the chapters from the next book, which I will get to read eventually?!

    And why did you have to look straight into my eyes when you said we girls don't have much empathy..... made me feel guilty, and I don't have feelings.

    • When I saw Soman, I thought he had a sister xD

    • That's deep, girl.

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