EverNever TV: Book 3 Secrets

18th March 2020


  1. The Sophie transformation was 10/10.

  2. "I'm tired!"

    - Soman Chainani 2019

  3. Book One and Five were my favorites. I also liked some parts of book two! Anyways, congradulations to the winners-Those pictures were great!

  4. Book 3 is my favorite by far.

  5. literally why book 3 is so great

  6. OMG!!!! this is defiantly why book 3 is my fav

    BTW soman pleassssseee let Agatha and tedros marry or else im gonna die!!!

  7. So Rafal is real?! I need to see him!!!!

    On a complete side note, Soman I appreciate you putting in all that extra work on Cinderella's story. The end result was beautiful!

  8. Dang it! I got second place! But it was a fair game, the first place winner deserved it. The drawing of the coven was so good! Congrats!

    I'm just grateful that Soman considered my drawing of Aric into Cira!

    • Congrats on getiing second!

  9. Wow, congrats to all the winners. Have to say though, a little disappointed because I was just going to submit my picture that I worked a long time on. Oh well, congrats anyways. Yall did an awesome job!

  10. This is why everyone loves book 3 XD

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