EverNever TV: Book 6 Conspiracy Theories

3rd July 2020


  1. OMG I can't believe the series is over!!! I delayed reading One True King for so long so it wouldn't be over T.T but now it is. Also DO A SPIN OFF SERIES please???. SGE is my favorite series and I- I- I just don't want it to end.

    Also that's how Rhian's name is pronounces? REE-yan? I always thought it was like Ryan lol

  2. Just finished One True King and can't believe it's over. Hoping for a spin off series with Sophie and Hort as the main characters and Agatha and Tedros as the secondary characters that way we can see Sophie and Hort's love story develop and have the continuation of Agatha and Tedros'. The ending though, wish it ended with the wedding scene :(

  3. Hellooo!! Newbie here. I loved the 6th installment and legit cried over the entire book but I guess I have a favorite series now!! Thank you, Soman, for giving us the characters that you did. Super excited for the movie, can't wait!!

  4. so excited!

  5. 1) 2020 fashion goals, to be honest

    2) Ohhhh yes I definitely remember THAT special assignment.

    "How could we NOT."

    Might be my favorite one of all time, and definitely is my favorite that I've entered. *squirms excitedly in seat and crosses fingers behind my back*

    3) XD okay I LOVE this prediction so much XD XD

    "And the Kung Fu Panda footage in the background!!"

    4) "Okay, WOW. Using the quote 'the pen is mightier than the sword' AND the actual SOURCE of that quote to make a prediction off of? Dang, girl."


    5) Well, it wasn't a HUGE part of the story, but we did find out who Dot's mother was, and it's smart how this person figured out there was gonna be something to do with her.

    "Yeah! She made some valid points there."

    6) I still can't believe that's how Rhian is pronounced but BROOO SHE PREDICTED IT SHE ACTUALLY PREDICTED IT OH MY GAAHHHH


    *we both continue to go nuts over it*

    7) "I mean yeah, the author creates the series, but the fandom is what really gives it life, and their imaginations, their fanfics and fan art and everything, all expand upon it, and the characters and their world really belong to the fans."

    Basically why the Endless Woods needs Readers.

    *Berry fires a finger gun at me, making the "pEwww" noise under her breath*

    8) *we both start laughing our butts off at the argument of whether Phase 2 references COVID-19 or Marvel movies*

    9) "Ooooooh this all sounds cool!"

    10) Ohhh, I cannot WAIT for this movie episode!

    "This is gonna be great!!!!! :D :D :D "

    11) So Jun's the official ambassador for movie-related stuff now...

    *Berry salutes* "Good luck to you, Jun."

    12) Casting???




    13) Wait, people were bored of the old apartment? Why? I dunno, maybe this is just an autistic thing, but I never thought of having this specific setting in the background of every ENTV video as boring, I thought of it as just part of the routine, I thought of it as familiar and honestly kind of comforting.

    "Yeah, that probably is an autistic thing."

    I mean, I don't mind the idea of there being a new place for this, I just don't get why anycreature would've gotten bored of the old one.

    "Beats me. Neurotypical humans are weird."

    Yeah they are.

    14) "Well, guess that's the end."

    Slightly disappointed we didn't get to hear any thoughts on my submission, I put kind of a lot into it and was pretty proud of it, but, whatever, it's fine. The ones they did talk about were pretty awesome.

    "I mean, if they were going to include yours, they wouldn't be able to read the whole thing off like they did with these 'cause it's really long. They'd have to, like, pick out parts of it and just talk about it in general. Anyways, I don't think anycreature can deny it far outstrips any of the others in originality and utter craziness though."


    "Wanna check the Open Chat Doc and our activity and mentions again?"


    *we hit Post Comment and go*

  6. Dude!!! I'm legit so excited for the movie. Like, I've been rereading the whole book series this summer and I just can't believe it's really over. I still haven't read the fifth and the sixth book at all because I was reading other stuff, but oh my god, I'm sure I'll cry at the end of the sixth book.

    Thank you Soman for writing the books that really got me into reading!!!


    How can I process all this?!?!?!? New books, the movie (possibly open casting!), the surprises! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    I loved book six and am devastated that the series is over! I loved the plot twists and every little detail! Thank you soooo much Soman for the amazing books you have created!

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