EverNever TV: Book 6 Title Reveal

22nd August 2019




    But then SGE is ending....

    Soman should write the complete tale of Sophie and Agatha , and the lion and the snake!

    • That would actually be so cool!

      Although it will be almost identical.. well, sort of!!

  3. (Headcanon) Plot twist: Sophie is the One True King.

  4. yes! im so happy but im sad that it is the last one. they should make a book of beauty tips from Sophie! I love Sophie she is AMAZING!

    • Yeah but he said book 3 was the last one too.......

  5. AAAAAAAH so exciting

    When he said twist my ears pricked up like a meerkat

    Maybe there’s a queen not a king....

    I’ll shut up now hehe

    • wow... that's super deep to think about

  6. This is sooooooo exciting, can't wait to read book six!!!!!

  7. oh this is the last reveal! i'm so sad and happy right now

  8. Oh my god! i can't wait but i don't want the series to end! it's so well written and the twists are really well thought, at least we have the movie to look forward too!

  9. "One true king" Plot twist it isn't Tedros...

    • Yeah...

    • how do you know?

    • That'd be.. weird.. idk!

  10. One true king... OMIGOSH!!! I took one look at the trailer and screamed!!!!

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