EverNever TV: Ever Never Routines

29th July 2019


  1. 1) Well this should be fun!


    2) They're wearing their costumes from the intro! BEFORE the intro starts.

    "Soman's just...so done...XD"

    3) Intro!

    "Yay, intro!"

    4) "So...an Ever's morning routine consists of yawning and then putting on makeup and long elf-ish ears..."

    And a Never's morning routine consists of brushing one's teeth, putting some stuff on one's face, and then...spending like six hours putting on a hat and making sure you have the hat and other accessories on just right.


    5) "So when discovering there's no dish soap left in the bottle when you're trying to wash the dishes, a Never will simply leave it at that, while an Ever will find some sort of substitute for that dish soap."


    6) So Nevers struggle to the death climbing stairs, while Evers can simply teleport to each individual stair and thus save themselves the effort.

    And I thought I was an Ever all this time. I guess not. BUT YOU EVERS OUT THERE ARE SO FRICKIN' LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "I know, right? We SO are."

    *yes, Berry actually can do that. she can also just teleport straight to the top. or just fly through the air up that staircase. she's a fairy. it comes with certain perks.*

    7) "We Evers can just summon our keys when we get locked out."

    And Nevers just stay there outside the door ringing the doorbell and knocking and waiting for who knows how long and NOPONY answers the door and there is NO superintendent in the building who has the keys to get you in...


    "And...you also either don't have anything on you that can be used to pick the lock, or don't know how to pick locks."

    8) Wait, what do you mean WHERE'S DOUGGIE WHEN YOU NEED HIM ?

    9) XD XD

    "XD that was funny!"

  2. love the shower cap posing!

  3. Nice

    • So funny!

  4. lol

    • these thumbnails are always iconic

  5. I SO wish I could use magic to get up the stairs!

  6. why is soman a never??????

  7. Lol, this is so funny! I wish I could use magic to summon my keys

  8. very offensive to nevers

  9. Oof I was late to watch this but I have now!

    • Same

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