EverNever TV: EverNever Scavenger Hunt

26th August 2020


  1. This looks so much fun!!

  2. This looks so fun!!

  3. That's awesomeeeee

  4. Dougie is adorable

    • Agreed.

  5. That looks fun

  6. Ooh fun

  7. AHHH I love it! it's an AMAZING idea to do at home!

  8. Douggie the frog!! What a mood man!

    1.A red cactus i have

    2.I literally eat cucumbers all the time man

    3.I have this one shirt that's light mauve-pink color with lace sleeves and black and gold sequins at the top. I literally bought it cause it looked like something Sophie would wear and I trust her fashion sense more than my own

    4.This gross immunity drink my mom makes me drink with ginger,turmeric and something else

    5. We literally have that same knife Soman has.

    6.I actually have this super comfy frog shirt that I wear to bed all the time

    7.I have this fake navy blue flower in my room that is the exact color of my fingerglow

    8.I literally just go halfway down the stairs and in the space that'sin between the two parts of the stairs we have a table with a matchbox



  10. That was so cool!!

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