EverNever TV: Fears – Good vs. Evil

31st May 2019


  1. 1) Ohhh, I can't WAIT to see what this is about!

    "Me neither!"

    Say, I'm starting to notice...the comments we always put on the ENTV posts here are basically just like reaction videos except, like, in written form.

    *Berry thinks about this* "Huh. Yeah, they really are."

    Let's just do this thing now.

    "Heck yeah!"

    *i hit play*

    "Hey was that Emma Watson in the thumbail?"

    2) *after those first five seconds, Berry and I are laughing our b.utts off already*

    HE DRANK HIS OWN P.EE?!?!?!?!

    "OH MY GOD!!!! XD"

    *We roll in laughing fits for a long time*


    Okay, but I've read that p.ee is actually sterile when it comes out of you, and so's sweat by the way, which is why people CAN actually drink their own p.ee or sweat--if they're like, super desperate and maybe have nothing else to drink. But I think I also read somewhere that p.ee and sweat are salty and because of that you actually end up losing more water than you gain if you drink them.

    "I drank my own sweat once. Lost in a desert without a wand."

    ...Remind me again to get you to tell me the full story sometime.

    3) Aaaand the intro.

    "Are we gonna comment every single time on how awesome it is?"


    "Gotta love Joann's elf ears..."

    And Soman's hat...XD

    4) *after hearing about Douggie's shirt, we both laugh*

    Okay, that is great.


    5) "Shaken baby syndrome...XD"

    6) Afraid of the MIDWEST? XD

    "What?? XD XD"

    7) Ohhh, I guess that does kinda make sense.


    8) 'PEACE OUT'??? XD XD


    9) "Asking people out, huh?"

    Yeahhh, heard that before. I mean, I get it, but I also don't because I've never actually been in that situation. Man, I am so lucky be a nonamorous aromantic asexual.

    "Me too."

    10) "I was right! It is Emma Watson!"

    The little Jun on her shoulder...XD

    11) H.oooo boy, yeah, I'd probably get super scared and p.oop my pants in that situation too, to be honest. XD

    "I wouldn't."


    "XD yeah, that's fair."

    12) *we both crack up again at the visual of Joann in the tornado*

    13) *and even more at the bit with Douggie's thoughts*

    14) *and even MORE with the story of how Douggie ended up drinking his own p.ee*

    *Well, it was an accident, so...*

    15) *and even more with the second bit in Douggie's thoughts, especially with the "that's racist!"*

    16) You're afraid of having a friend know all your secrets?

    Joann, I live that fear every day. Berry knows things about me that not even my parents know about me. And let's just say, she knows a thing or two about blackmail.

    *Berry gives a bone-chillingly evil smile*



    18) "Well, I know we've both been thinking this, and I think it's about time we took a moment in this comment to talk about our own fears."

    Mine is the song The Monster Mash.

    "Oh yeah..." *Berry nods because she knows about this already*

    Look, I went to my school's Halloween party once when I was like six. I dressed up as a glitter fairy.

    And I don't know WHAT it was about the party, maybe it was the spooky Halloween-y decorations, maybe it was the noise, maybe it was the gigantic crowds of costumed people, probably it was all of the above and more, but within like one minute of setting foot inside that gymnasium, I was terrified out of my mind. I covered my ears and ran and locked myself in a bathroom stall and my mom found me crying and crying and telling her to "take me home RIGHT NOW".

    And somehow, my little brain pinned it all on that song. The Monster Mash. A song my school liked to play for Halloween stuff, including that party, and which I'd never particularly cared for, partially because of the monsters and partially because of the creepy voice that sings in it.

    And since then, even if I know that song probably was never really the problem, it's been nine years of having nightmares about that song, having panicked breakdowns in public places during October out of a sudden fear it might come on the radio, screaming at people who sing the song, sometimes also crying or hitting them. It's gotten slightly better by now, but thinking about it still makes me uncomfortable, and if anypony suggests playing the song, I still immediately panic and shout NO as loud as I can. And the nightmares still happen.

    ...And needless to say, I never went to a school Halloween party again.

    *there's a long silence*

    ...Aaaanyway, Berry? D'you wanna mention any of your irrational fears?

    "I guess I'm arachnophobic on some level. I mean, back when I was like, tiny fairy size, I once happened to see a spider (Which back than was bigger than I was) eating its lunch, and...it was TERRIFYING...I still can get a little uncomfy around spiders, and if I see a spider in a web that has something IN its web, then I CANNOT look in that direction or go near it."

    On a more serious level, I have some CRIPPLING metathesiophobia, which is fear of change. I won't talk too much about that here because I already wrote a flipping novel about that other phobia I have. But suffice to say I once cried and lay on my parents bed for three hours because they were talking about maybe replacing it. And that time some months ago when they had to take down all my three-year-old self's old terrible artwork that we'd kept taped up all over the hallway walls, I could hardly stand to walk through that hallway for weeks because the walls looked all bare and empty and sad and WRONG. And this phobia combined with a lot of other things in my first year of middle school just nearly frickin killed me.

    "I'm kind of monophobic actually. Fear of being alone? I've never really had many friends or just people who are on my side and I just really REALLY wouldn't want to be without the ones I do have."

    *there's a longer silence*

    ...Well, that just got real for a moment there. I am severely uncomfortable with the fact that we're just dumping THAT in a comment on a silly fun ENTV video and I think we should be done with this now.




    20) Douggie...XD XD XD!!!


    21) "Come on, come on, let's go to the next video!"

    Okay, okay!!

  2. hiii

  3. EWwwwwww

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    • wow lady you must be strong.


  6. Did you know pee is actually sterile? Lol, sorry if I just grossed you out.

  7. Ummm... Drink pee? No thanks. That is just so gross!

  8. Yick. I would not wanna drink my own pee. That's just wrong.

    • You are totally right.

  9. Being scared of asking people on dates is totally fine!

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