EverNever TV: Gladiator Battle – Good vs. Evil

30th January 2019


  1. Best! GLadiator! Battle! Ever! They should do these more!

  2. Woah! Personally, I’m very depressed. Kilo died?! But yeah, I guess Anadil is a very likeable character. (Unless she tried killing you with her rats in real life). These are great! You should make one for every character! Without Jun, this would not have been thought of. Thank you!

  3. ha ha ha ! I almost wet my pants!

    will they do anymore of this

  4. This reminds me of a dungeons and dragons game except sge version!

    • Loved it

  5. The edits 10/10. XD I laughed the whole way through!

  6. This was awesome!

    Can you do more?

  7. Loved it! ❤️ A Sophie vs Agatha would be SO FUNNY!

  8. I hope there'll be more of these they were so funny!

  9. oh my god hahah i laughed so hard

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