EverNever TV: Hort’s Alternate History

21st January 2020


  1. Horts the worse he's a weasel and not in a good way I HATE HIM

    • HOW DARE YOU!!!!!! Hort is beautiful!

    • What did Hort ever do to you!? Hort is literally the BEST character in the entire series because he is amazing in all of his Hortness!! He is my FAVORITE character and your comment HURT my soul.

  2. We need a Hort fan club.

    That is all I'm saying.

    • we really don't he's like the worst guy EVER

    • YES!!! He's my favorite!! If one is made, I will join. UwU

  3. There is no doubt about it: Hort, you are one of my favorite characters in the entire SGE series! Despite your bad reputation in the first book, please know that the entire fandom loves and supports you all the way through. Go Hort of Bloodbrook!!

    • Yes! Go Hort of Bloodbrook!!

  4. 1) *Berry and I sit down to watch*

    Man, how long has it been since we actually checked out an Ever Never TV episode, or anything School News on this site, this soon after it went up?

    "I don't know!"

    *we hit "play"*

    2) Hort can sing?

    "Wait for it."

    3) *Hort puppet sings*

    *i cringe and cover my ears*

    *Berry has already plugged hers*

    4) By the way, why does he have two tongues?

    "I think those were meant to be sticking-out teeth? I dunno."

    5) Huh. Yeah, weasels are pretty great.

    6) "Weasel breath XD"

    7) OHHHH, I never thought of the frogs like that!

    That's cool!


    8) XD XD XD

    "Well, I mean, mixed bag there. Yes, he was the first student to get the golden goose to lay an egg, and Hester was the only other one who was mentioned to do so. Plus his way of going through every single method down the list caught on with the rest of the class. BUT, the way he ended up getting the goose to lay an egg was pretty ridiculous and laughable and the egg was really tiny..."

    9) Wait, people have been blaming Hort for that?? Why??

    10) Ohhhh. Right.

    11) The Doom Room was only part of it, though. There were other factors. Like Tedros rejecting her for Agatha and all that.

    12) *Hort puppet: "Ba ba BING! Za za ZOOM! What a GAL!! What a DAME!!"*

    "XD XD XD XD XD !"

    13) *i applaud* Thank you, Hort. That was great. XD

  5. I need Hort as a Weasley now I really do

  6. Hort Weasly is canon, and despite his goofiness and mistake I think he deserves more appreciation. And love this! But where are those frog pajamas....?

  7. This was an interesting video. But truthfully, I feel that Hort does not get enough credit than he should. I know that he is one of those characters that people love to tease and make fun of, but he should get some credit for helping out.

  8. Whose hand-me-downs are those? *picks up his school books*

  9. *sigh* "Good ol' Weasel Boy"

  10. It’s official, Hort is a Weasley

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