EverNever TV: Making the Book 6 Trailer

23rd April 2020


  1. I'm going to take some time to appreciate the beauty, ambiguity and uncanniness of Michael's trailers. So much obvious effort has gone into this and watching this video-it's really interesting to see his thought process during the making of this trailer.

  2. I mean how is the trailer so perfect?! I can't even draw on paper right

  3. Animation is always so interesting to me. The way an artist can create something as beautiful as this trailer is amazing. The work that goes into it requires so much time and dedication, and I admire all artists who put that time and effort in.

  4. I kinda wish I had talent like that... doing things with cats is no easy task...

  5. I am so paying attention to every little detail there is. I am even going to make a model for all the theories I have. Usually, I get proved wrong by Soman writing the most unpredictable endings. Well, I have one more try and I am going to make it count.

  6. He is so talented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I really wish i knew how to animatw as well as michael!

  8. Wow that is actually really cool

    • I know right?

  9. I really appreciate the hard work that goes into literally everything. I write songs and song them, and I feel like what he does is an art. It's very cool!

  10. I believe that the Storian and the Lionsmane will have crucial parts in this book. In the trailer, it showed a pen being filled with blood, and my guess is that it was Sophie's, because her blood is the only one that can heal people. I am thinking that maybe Sophie will become the One True King (er.. Queen that is) because that will be her Never After that she always dreamed about. Although, the tournament that is mentioned in the preview in the back of Book 5, my guess is that both supposed "Kings" (Tedros and Japeth) will turn to their queens/princesses (Sophie and Agatha) for help. As you see in the preview in the back of Book 5, Sophie is being brainwashed, and my guess is the Minstral Sisters. They might be witches. Of course since Sophie is being brainwashed, she will do anything and everything that the witches tell her to do. At the same time, I am wondering about Nottingham. They have no leader now that the Sheriff is dead. You see that the person "in charge" has burned his ring in exchange for a home for his mother and brothers. Dot doesn't know about her father's passing, and I believe that maybe she will become leader of Nottingham, because the "leader" as of right now doesn't seem that Good. As for Hester and Anadil, I just hope they both find their Never Afters.

    • When did sophie get brainwashed?Im rereading book 5

    • I think she got brainwashed at the end.. There's a few sneak peeks on the internet of the introducing chapters which tell you she's brainwashed..

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