EverNever TV: Merch Giveaway

6th July 2019


  1. So, my mom has a YouTube account, and I am not allowed to get one yet. Is it possible for her to subscribe for me and tell you guys my username on this website?

  2. I already subscribe in your youtube channel and also commented i hope i get picked

  3. this is really good soman good luck to everyone out there l already subscribed and commented on youtube

  4. Hey guys, my parents won’t let me get a YouTube account and none of my friends have one either so, I was wondering if someone who has a YouTube account would sign me up?

  5. The merchandise looks fabulous! I am going to create a YT account now....

    • Yes, it looks amazing! I'm definitely getting a youtube account as well!

  6. My parents won’t allow me to have a YouTube account...

    • Same...maybe we'll get this amazing merch another time...never say never!

  7. wait, so when you subscribe, do they just pick out certain names?

    • They choose three random names

    • I meant 9 random names

  8. Ughhhh I dont have a youtube account !!!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???????!!!!!

  9. Who else doesn't have a YouTube account and/or is not allowed to subscribe? I wish I had a chance so bad... I can't really find good SGE merch anywhere. Well, good luck to the people who can do it!

    • me ):

  10. If I win, can I only name the character in book 6 and not get the merchandise? My parents are being nosy.

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