EverNever TV: Playbill Challenge

12th August 2019


  1. Poor Soman. But otherwise, that was super cool!

  2. I want to do this. It is irrelevant that I live on the other side of the world. I want my playbills. (Cos musicals hold a large place in my nerdy fangirl heart)


  3. "They don't know who I am."

    awwwwwwwwwww, Soman! Of course we know who you are! Had it been me, I would have probably fainted from shock of seeing the famous author who's books make me cry from all the different feelings the characters feels! Never had I read a book that transports me into the characters's world ... until I ran into SGE. And I'll love to thank you Soman for that.

    Thank you for everything you do to make SGE happen.

  4. He does look like a mushroom

  5. Watched this like, a month after it came out and I am very disappointed in myself for not watching this earlier because it's GREAT.

  6. Literally when i saw this i was like: Soman looks like a mushroom!! :)

    2:55 Sad mushroom


  7. Now I really feel like just getting a plane to new York and going into every theatre to just ask them for a playbill

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