EverNever TV: Q&A With Polly Lee – The Voice of SGE

8th June 2020


  1. I started listening to the 6th book!

  2. Oh wow!

  3. I listened to the first book it was great!

  4. Nice!

  5. I haven’t listened to the audiobooks yet, but now I really want to!

  6. I haven't listened to the audiobooks (only read the books physically) but this interview made me want to listen to the audiobook of OTK in addition to reading the copy I hope I'll be able to eventually get... this was super interesting!

  7. I haven't yet heard her audiobooks, but I can tell I would enjoy her voice. She's lovely.

  8. Wow, such an interesting experience to see things through the eyes of a voice narrator!

  9. hehe has anyone noticed in nearly every single recent video Soman sits in the same chair holding one of the books in the exact same position? or do I just notice weird things?

    • Lol, yeeees!!

    • Ha yes great spotting

  10. This was SUCH an interesting conversation! I LOVED it! I feel like this was such an intriguing, calming meeting between two superb artists! I LOVED IT!!!!!!! Prolly just has a such a calming, soothing voice that as the interview went on I was LULLED. I can perfectly see why she is the voice of this series, because her voice exudes her inner sophistication, strength, and softness, which are all some of the primary emotions of the SGE series. Utterly BRILLIANT!!

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