EverNever TV: Q&A With Polly Lee – The Voice of SGE

8th June 2020


  1. She does so good in th audible!!!

  2. dang, you honestly couldn't have picked a better narrator

  3. This makes me really want to listen to them.

  4. I never read. audiobooks but his voice is really fantastic !!!

  5. I feel like a mix of Sophie and Kiko. Weird combo I know lol

  6. I think we all have a little bit f sophie, agatha, and tedros

  7. I have three audiobooks of last ever after, quest for glory and a crystal of time and love them all just waiting till tomorrow to get one true king audiobook.

  8. I watched four minutes and was enchanted by her voice, her accent, the way she was thinking about the whole book. The only reason I stopped watching was to make sure that there weren’t any spoilers for OTK

    • I agree, and same!

  9. *Watches this* WHERE DO I FIND THE AUDIO-BOOK????????


  10. Her voice is really nice, and now I really want to get a SGE audiobook

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