EverNever TV: Q&A With Polly Lee – The Voice of SGE

8th June 2020



  2. I really like her voice!!

  3. I've listened to all of them apart from the 6th can't wait!!

    Polly lee you have an amazing voice!!

  4. 1) Our first time checking the School News section after finishing book 6!

    "Which was SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS by the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


    "We didn't watch any ENTV since it came out because we couldn't read the book until it came in AND Twig got around to finishing re-reading all the others and we were a little worried about spoilers."

    But NOW we've read it and we're gonna catch up on all that we missed!

    2) We've never listened to the audiobooks. Don't really listen to audiobooks in general.

    3) "I mean, yeah. There's a LOT that goes in these books and I mean a LOT..."

    4) And a FRICK TON of characters too. For awhile I don't think I was able to keep them all straight. And new ones continued to get introduced with every book! There's SO MANY characters playing SO MANY big and small roles holy frick

    5) Yeah! At the same time as being a fairy tale, SGE just reads...I dunno, like a movie? A cartoon? There's just all this quick jabs of humor and action all over the place. And yeah, it's just JAM-PACKED with all kinds of fast-paced epic action...

    "But, like, also just so many moments that linger for some time to just delve DEEEEP into a character's thoughts and feelings."

    Yes! That too! Absolutely. And in that way it does feel more like a storybook than a movie, one of my biggest concerns with the movie is how they're gonna get THOSE parts across.

    "Yeah. Wow, not even two minutes in and this episode's giving us SO many thoughts about just all the general things about how SGE's written that make it so amazing!"

    6) This is starting to make me want to listen to the audiobooks.

    "Yeah. Me too."

    7) *"is there any character that you identify with, that you just feel like 'this character is me'?"*

    *Berry and me in unison, having read the answer years ago* SOPHIE.

    8) *we high five as soon as Soman says it*

    9) ...the part afterwards about Agatha being your conscience and Tedros being frustration with masculinity makes sense too.

    "Tedros really is an absolute wreck. Like, he comes off SO cocky for a good portion of book 1 but there's hints of this and with every book it gets cranked up more and the whole 'masculinity' thing with him gets deconstructed more and it's SO good."

    10) YES. Seeing how they've all grown since book 1 is just...AUUGH IT'S AMAZING.


    11) Okay, again kind of wanting to hear some of the audiobooks because this lady from what we're hearing absolutely knows her cupcakes and is just INSANELY talented and we really, really should check out what her narration of the series sounds like.



    13) "Yeah, really nocreature else DOES write romance like Soman does. I don't think either of us has ever seen any book or movie or tv show or anything that really gets into the depths of the thoughts and feelings like this, and connects it to the deepest parts of the characters on a personal level including parts of themselves not necessarily tied to romance and how all of it ties into WHY they have the feelings they do and WHY the relationships are working or not working, as well as giving all the sweet romantic gestures and all."

    Maybe that's kind of why I find romance to be more bearable and even interesting in some ways in SGE than in, like, any other story ever. It's just done so WELL, and the levels on which it's fundamentally tied into everything else with these characters, and, again, it's made so CLEAR exactly WHY the romance works or doesn't work. I, I don't know how to explain it exactly. It's just, it's more than just a bunch of kissing and a bunch of overused tropes and signals that make me gag and groan on sight just thrown in there because people think Stories Are Not Complete Without Couples. It's made a fundamental part of the characters' development, a fundamental part of the journey and its challenges, it cannot be separated from that, and it's done in a way that makes so much SENSE. And all of that is kind of made out to be much more important and much more of the substance of what it IS than just the kisses and heart eyes, though those are a part of it with a very clear purpose in it. And yeah, there IS a purpose, there IS substance.

    I'm rambling.

    Back to the video.

    14) Scenes that you think will get you in trouble. FRICK yes.

    15) "So, what I'm hearing is, Tedros is bi now. Or pan."

    16) "Yeah, I wondered about that too. Being a guy writing from female characters' POVs so much. What that's like."

    17) Could not have put Sophie's way of going through life better myself.

    18) Yeah. Hort has just Neville Longbottomed SO hard.


    19) "Yeah, it's kinda sad honestly, Kiko never getting her moment to shine..."

    And I did notice there was never much growth or development on her part. She just always remained that same sweet, kind, sort of meek girl who never got over that one giant crush she had.

    "Interesting thought, that she was meant to be that kind of person in real life who stays stuck and doesn't develop..."

    *after squinting into the sky thoughtfully while saying that, she turns to her squint towards me out of the corner of her eye*

    I see you looking at me and I'm not going to comment.

    20) Yeah, I always imagine Sophie having a high-pitched voice and Agatha having a lower-pitched voice too.

    "Think that might be programmed into all of us at this point with the amount of cartoons that have girlier characters having higher-pitched voices and more tomboyish characters having lower-pitched ones..."

    21) It keeps sticking out to me how she pronounces Dovey as DOE-vee. I always pronounced it like DUHV-ee. Y'know, "dove" like the bird and not "dove" like the past tense of "dive."

    22) Oh wow, Dovey was one of very FEW characters she gave an American accent? I imagined most of them having American accents.


    "XD XD XD XD !!!"

    *we keep cracking up for some time*

    "Wait, is it mongooses or mongeese?"


    ...Dooon't make me get started on this again, pleeease...

    "Okay, okay...XD"

    24) I think all of us thought book 3 was The End at the time.

    "Yeah, I think we were all SUUUUUPER surprised and caught off guard when it turned out there WAS gonna be more.

    But yeah, that's a good point about how it always ends after the school years even though there's gotta be so much more adventures in the bigger world outside afterwards. Good on you for showing that, Soman. And so INSANELY well too."

    25) *i'm sobbing like a baby*

    *Berry is tearing up and sniffling but also smiling*

    26) "Welp. That's the end of the video."

    Yeah. We gotta wake up early tomorrow, so, I guess that's the first and last and only one for tonight.

    "So, gonna hit post and watch two more tomorrow?"


  5. I have never listened to the audiobooks before. But I really want to, just the see the voices of my favorite characters come to life! I bet Polly Lee is amazing though!!

  6. I really want to listen to the audiobooks! Her voice is so soothing.

  7. I have never listened to an audiobook before... I wonder how it is? Hopefully SGE will be my first book in audio :)

  8. I'm going on a trip and am going to listen to the audiobooks the entire time! So excited!

  9. Polly Lee has such a soothing voice..


    Polly Lee's voice is just so...calm and soothing!

    • YES. You know, I found this website, listening to an audiobook of the crystal of time, in someone else's house, cause we were moving. XD.

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