EverNever TV: SGE Rap Preview

2nd April 2019


  1. Rapppppppppp

  2. If book six just ends up being a picture book, I'll be making my grave.

    • Same.

  3. Soman, I swear if you are going to leave us with a 60 page resolution that can't possibly have all the solutions in it, I will scream.

    I can't have any other one of those. :'(

  4. I can't wait for it to come out!!

  5. lol love it

    • Ha love it can't wait

  6. i saw a bit of the rap on instagram! its really cool.. oh.. and i loove the wigs!!

  7. wow lol

  8. Love the wig, Ramon! And Soman: PLEASE MAKE BOOK SIX VERY EXTREMELY LONG AND HEATRWRENCHING AND AMAZING. I love tragedies and emotional books: what can I say? And the rap has a great start. SO EXCITED FOR THE RAP AND BOOK SIX

  9. I can't wait for the rap! Everyone made me laugh, especially Ramon and his pink wig XD

  10. I watched the video and was crying laughing because I'm and Alexander Hamilton fan so that was the best. Also can't wait for book 6.

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