EverNever TV: SGE Riddles

6th January 2021


  1. these riddles are so smart!

  2. ahhhh i got lots right!

  3. This is a weird comment, but I just wanted to say I love the thumbnail of the video! It's amazing!

  4. That was the funniest thing ever! That just made my day

  5. That was so awesomely hilarious!

  6. Oh so hilarious. Just wondering if like idk, Soman or Jun or Zuni see this, if i like get to play one of these games and win (which i literally j won this lol) could i be a SGE intern? pretty fair trade lol and a chance to prove i know more trivia from the books than its author!

  7. 1. great riddles!

    2. I got almost all of them right except for the last one.

    Love this!

  8. *Me over here with my blood rushing, shouting out the answers and screaming when I get them right, and then being... VERY happy for Jun.*

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