EverNever TV: Soman’s Vlog – Shimmying, Book 5 Extras, & DARKDEEP Things

29th October 2018


  1. Book 5 in 4 months and who is excited???

  2. BOOK 5

    BOOK 5

    BOOOOOOOOOOOK 5!!!!!!!!

  3. I can't believe book 5 is finally coming!!!

  4. thank you for telling us the release date ive heard of some authors not doing that and it is greatly appreciated i love agatha's character she is definitly not your typical princess

  5. we've been waiting soooo long for book 5

    happy the do date is approaching !!!

  6. BOOK FIVE IN 91 DAYS!!!!


  7. I will be sure to check that book out. It’s hard to find good books these days. Luckily I’m hooked onto School for Good and Evil. They are very nice friends, which I wish I had......


    Can’t wait for book 5 anymore!

  8. Omg this was posted on my birthday!!! I can't wait to read the 5th book - March is sooo far away!!! I really need to know what happens to Tedros (I will actually cry if he dies!!!) I love sge sooo much !!!

  9. How can ibuy from target when there is no target in my country i guess ill just have to wait until they start selling it in the bookshop in my country which is probably few month later after the released date

  10. Book 5 YAY can't wait to read

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