EverNever TV: Sophie’s Revenge

6th February 2019


  1. love dat Rafal boi

  2. I got to admit, that the 2nd one for the opening was way better. ANd the fierceness of you wanting to win Sophie, eek, wouldn't you want your best friend to win, wouldn't that be good? Oh scratch that your not good, you evil.

  3. The puppets are back again! And the Sophie intro had my little brother laughing like crazy! That should be the first SGE vine! :D

  4. Honestly Sophie makes everything a bit more fun. I loved the new intro and the recap was very.....Sophie. I love the return of Sophie and Kiko and Dot were so cute. I doubt Sophie will beat Agatha though, Agatha is just too resourceful.

  5. i love the new opening but if im being honest, Sophie's one was A M A Z I N G!

  6. Sophie is the best. She deserves to win. I'm laughing so hard right now XD. Poor dot she also deserves better

  7. Woah Sophie, making a comeback!!!

    I wonder how she will react when Agatha best her. XD

  8. ... well.

    Sophie is Sophie.

    Personally, I still feel a teeny, tiny smidgen of fangirling for you and Rafal.

    • Lol

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